Thursday, October 10, 2013

VIDEO: Making My Mark On The World

Hey everyone,

Check out this dope video that my college friend and producer Blake Saunders put together.

It's a profile on me.

It's about my journey from Delaware State University to where I am now.

I'm making my mark on the world.

Are you?


FMICEO said...

My bredren Feenz! Great video Fam. The future needs more people like us. God Bless #HORNETS4EVER

chasity said...

Congratulations love, this is a great piece! Continue to inspire!

With Love,

Fellow HBCU Grad (Norfolk State University) making my mark on the world, Chasity Saunders


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Mike, you're too modest. You have accomplished far more than you talk about here. Leadership of the NYABJ and its stunning turnaround during your tenure as president is worth a mention. Hanging on in a difficult era for media workers, transitioning to digital reporting tools, and just surviving professionally in NYC --- I'd put those at the top of a long list of your achievements since Del State!