Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The MONSTROSITY of Lauryn Hill

We all know the classic "Miseducation of Lauryn Hill" album that scored the Fugees singer an armful of Grammys.

But we need to take a look at what I will call the "The MONSTROSITY of Lauryn Hill."

I think everyone can say they have heard someone say the following: "What happened to Lauryn Hill?"

Well, a lot happened to her, including a short stint in prison for tax evasion. She was recently released from prison and now she wants to pick up her struggling career.

But we can all affirmatively say she hasn't been the same since the success of the Miseducation album. And that's not a good thing considering how big that album was.

It was her only solo studio album to date.

She did release an unplugged album that was so-so.

But after that we've been treated - or maybe I should say punished - with bad songs that are just all over the place.

I think she is more conscious than ever, but what is she doing?

Didn't she grow up listening to Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder and the Stylistics?

They know how to convey a message while also making great music.

In the song "To Zion," Ms. Hill says, "Look at your career, they said, 'Lauryn, baby, use your head,' but instead I chose to use my heart."

I think it's time for Ms. Hill to start taking some of her own advice, or the advice that people were trying to give her.

Use your head, get it together and make us some good music that packs a strong message, but is also something that we can all enjoy. Songs like "To Zion," "Lost Ones" and "Everything is Everything."

During her MTV Unplugged performance she said, "I know that a lot of the content in the songs is very heavy...See, fantasy is what people want, but reality is what they need. And I've just retired from the fantasy part..."

We couldn't agree more. You retired back in 2008 with that TV performance.

Ms. Hill has now released a new song called "Consumerism," which could be powerful, but no one can really enjoy it, unfortunately. Blogger Funky Dineva said the song is so bad that she should go back to prison! While I don't agree with that statement, I do agree that the song is pretty unenjoyable. And Funky, you think Ms. Hill may be "mentally ill" and if she is, let's encourage her to get help.

The last thing we need is another tragedy like Michael Jackson or Whitney Houston. We need to start supporting our black heroes when they are in trouble instead of making them go even more nuts! We certainly don't need this "Killing Me Softly" singer to end up on the evening news with a headline that reads: "Lauryn Hill found dead."

We'd be right back to where we were when Michael or Whitney died. Mourning another black music superstar gone too soon. We don't need that. I know I couldn't take another legend lost.

Ms. Hill, we want to see you succeed. But this new stuff you are putting out is certainly a monstrosity in my eyes.

We hope and pray that you can return to your old self and reclaim your place in music history.

You deserve it.

Let's end the Monstrosity and try to find a new Miseducation, or something close to it.

Michael J. Feeney is an award-winning journalist and the creator of MFEENZ.com. He can be reached at MFeeney001@gmail.com.

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