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Kanye West tour kicks off in Seattle and brings out "Jesus"; Fans say it was the "worst" and the "best"

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Kanye West may be too busy being into himself that he forgot how to put on a good concert. And a special guest appearance by "Jesus" didn't help much.

At least that's what some concertgoers are saying following his Saturday night performance in at the Key Arena in Seattle, where some fans called the show "weird" and the "worst."

Some are even going as far to say that Mr. West was upstaged by opening act Kendrick Lamar.

The show was the first stop on the "Yeezus" tour, and it was highly anticipated by fans, including one who texted during the show.

"This concert SUCKS," wrote the West fan who texted

Oh, and there was more.

"Worst concert I have ever been to. People are sleeping and leaving," she continued in another text.

The tour kicked off just as West was getting used to fatherhood.

Kim Kardashian, West's girlfriend, gave birth to their daughter, North West, in June, and maybe he's changed too many diapers and just forgot to prepare for the show?

Part of the problem could have been that his set started two hours late, according to fans.

 Credit: Twitter

"Damn you Kanye for starting your concert 2 freaking hours late. I just want to go to sleep and you're annoying now. lol ugh," wrote Twitter user @NAChristensen.

Another Twitter user also bashed the rapper.

"@ the @kanyewest concert! So terrible! Yeezus really thinks he's a God! Biggest waste of money!" wrote @SeanLock75.


Sounds like he could have used Jesus to make a guest appearance during "Jesus Walks." Oh, wait, a man playing "Jesus" did come out!

Credit: Twitter

According to Twitter user @ComplexMusic, Kim Kardashian's baby daddy had some others highlights from the show, which ended well after 1 a.m. in Seattle.

He told the restless crowd, "You are the future. Don't let them enslave you," during his "Blood on the Leaves" outro.

He also stood in the middle of the stage screaming during "black skinhead" and he mentioned his mother.
Credit: Twitter

"They told me that my mother was no longer here and I could never speak to her again," West told the crowd before performing "Coldest Winter," according to @ComplexMusic.

The Twitter user also called one portion of the show "thematic."

"Kanye performing "Hold My Liquor" after "Coldest Winter" feels almost thematic. They go hand in hand," @ComplexMusic tweeted.

The Twitter user said there were clear crowd favorites like performances of "Mercy," "Cold" and "On Sight," while "I Am A God" didn't get such a good response.

And I'm not surprised.

After all, the West raps, "I am a God. Hurry up with my damn massage. Hurry up with my damn menage. Get the Porsche out the damn garage. I am a God."

Yeah, I'm not sure many people want to hear that at a concert.  I'm just saying.

Not everyone bashed the first show of his tour, which may not have been for everyone.

"If you're a TRUE @kanyewest fan you'd definitely understand his concert tonight," tweeted @GabbyBkillinEm.

Others are Twitter called the concert "badass," "legendary" and one concertgoer called him "weird" and "creepy." (West did wear a mask that looked like he was going to rob a bank!)

Another Twitter user said the concert just gave him a headache, while someone else tweeted it was the "best concert I've ever been to."

While the reaction to Mr. West is mixed, everyone seems to be on the same page regarding the opening act.

Kendrick Lamar opened the show, and may have been the best performer of the night.

According to reports, the entire crowd sang along to "Don't Kill My Vibe" and even chanted Lamar's name after he left the stage. Wow!

Did this rising hip-hop star upstage Mr. West?

That would seem to be the case, if what I'm hearing is accurate.

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