Sunday, October 13, 2013

DSU Homecoming 20 Questions Day Two

1. Doesn't it seem to rain EVERY homecoming?
2. Does the new MLK feel like the student center or an airport waiting area?
3. And who was stranded in there for hours while the rain poured down?
4. Didn't it seem like a lot of alumni brought their kids to homecoming this year?
5. And did the parents cover their kids ears when people told embarrassing stories about their mothers/fathers? ("Your mama was always sneaking into Conwell Hall!")
6. Who went to day party and just went back home?

7. Why wasn't anyone at the DSU Alumni Comedy Show?
8. And did you even know that was happening?
9. Who went broke buying up Delaware State hoodies and t-shirts at the bookstore, but still has thousands of dollars out on student loans?
10. What did the frats and sororities do with all the food they purchased for the washed out homecoming cookouts?
11. Did anyone actually see the Hornets win the homecoming football game?

12. Why were the cops kicking people out of Dover Downs?
13. And who is joining me in boycotting Dover Downs in the future?
14. Who looked cute in their rain boots at the DSU Alumni Gala?
15. Why was the deejay from the DSU Alumni Gala trying to stuff all his equipment into a mini Jeep?
16. What guy had a fresh homecoming conk with one side shaved off?
17. Didn't all of the former Miss DSU's look amazing this weekend? (especially Ronisha Turner and Dana Robinson)

18. Aren't you glad everyone knows how to do the wobble?
19. Did everyone go to IHOP instead of hitting up an after party on Saturday night?
20. Shouldn't M.Feenz host a Del State Homecoming Alumni Party next year? Hmmm.

BONUS: Who has already agreed that they aren't coming back to homecoming for another five years?


Shari Adams said...
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Shari Adams said...

I must admit I have not been to a homecoming since graduating 10 yrs ago so I can not answer any question except M.Feenz should host a Del State Alumi party once in his lifetime. It should be fun..... :)