Saturday, October 12, 2013

DSU Homecoming 20 Questions Day One

Delaware State University Alumni,

What would Delaware State University Homecoming be without 20 Questions?

Well, it would be real wack.

So, I'm going to give you guys a taste of this year's Hornet Homecoming through 20 Questions by M.Feenz.

And this is all in good fun and meant for entertainment, and really meant to remind people of the fun times we had picking up the Hornet Newspaper and reading 20 Questions.

Please do not take anything personally, but if you want to, that's fine.

And this is not by "Ghostwriter."

20 Questions
By M.Feenz

1. Who was turning up at the DSU Circle Alumni Party, but never graduated?

2. And why were you reppin' a class that you didn't graduate from?

3. Aren't a lot of alumni working for the university now? (That's a good thing though!)

4. Who was that girl wearing a dress that looked like she cut up a disco ball? (as if they were an extra in 'Saturday Night Fever')

5. Did anyone cop a bootleg ticket for the DSU Circle Alumni Party?

6. Didn't some of the step show participants look out of shape? Sloppy joes anyone? Gym membership anyone?

7. Who tossed their back out when Luke's "I Wanna Rock (Doo Doo Brown)" came on?

8. Who looked like big bird at the DSU Circle Alumni party?

9. Are people still wearing dingy white tees to parties? That is so 2001.

10. Who was that girl looking like a super-sized lost member of Salt N' Pepa?

11. And shouldn't spandex have a size limit?

12. Wasn't Clarence (TV) killing the Del State slide?

13. Did anyone notice that a lot more girls were dancing to "Watch Out for the Big Girls" this year? (That grown up weight is real.)

14. Did anyone peep how the Delta Sigma Theta Alumni Chapter put FIVE donation/ticket links on the DSU Alumni website? (It's four links NOW, but it was see the page here.)

15. Where is B.Dot? Is he smoking cigars with Jay-Z instead of being at homecoming?

16. And did they have a building fund link on there as well? And line jacket fund, too?  (J/K)

17. Who got their homecoming doobie wrap messed up by the rain?

18. Isn't it terrible when you are an alumni and you are still sneaking into the college dorms?

19. Didn't you feel bad for the Alpha who got stuck changing his outfit during the step show?

20. Who is Capri Sun Pouch-Popping at Del State Homecoming? :-)

BONUS QUESTION: Whose after party "activities" caused the hotel to refund TWO rooms?

Make your own 20 Questions using hashtag #DSU20Questions - I'd love to see them and share them at the end of the Homecoming weekend.

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