Sunday, October 20, 2013

EXCLUSIVE DETAILS: Drake show postponed for safety concerns sparked by faulty catwalk, concertgoer says

Drake may not have made any new friends when his concert in Philadelphia was postponed before the rap star even hit the stage, but it may have been scrapped for a very good safety reason, has learned.

"I was there. He had a catwalk extended from the stage that circled the arena that could move vertically. When they did the final test at 8 p.m., the motor broke and [the catwalk] got stuck at the top with two techs on it," said Kevin Guyton, a concertgoer who was backstage at the Wells Fargo Center, told
The faulty catwalk at the Wells Fargo Center. Credit: Kevin Guyton

"They cleared the floor and the tour manager canceled the show stating it was too dangerous for Drake to be on it and people to sit under it. That's what was said backstage," Guyton told

The Saturday night show, which was scheduled to begin at 7 p.m., was postponed at 8:30 p.m. and fans who were already in their seats were not pleased, the concertgoer added.

Guyton described the scene as "a lot of booing and jeering, nothing serious, [people] was mad though."

Guyton said most fans did not know all of the details that he heard backstage, and were very puzzled by the abrupt nature of the postponement.

"They just said [to the fans that] the show had to be postponed very abrupt, very quickly," he said. "I thought Drake could have at least come out and explained the situation. Most people just thought he was being a diva. I figured it was the stage. It was one of the dopest and most complicated I had ever seen."

Because of the lack of information given to the fans about the postponemnet, many began to speculate on other reasons for the cancellation.

One rumor was that the "No New Friends" rapper was too high and drunk to perform.

But a Wells Fargo Center spokeswoman had a different story, which matches what Guyton heard backstage.

"Due to the elaborate nature of tonight's show and an unexpected technical issue, Drake's 'Would You Like A Tour' concert at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia has been postponed until Wednesday, December 18," spokeswoman Rebecca Goodman told She did not mention any specific details.

The new date further disappointed some fans.

Twitter user JadeXRochelle posted this photo on Twitter on Saturday night with the caption: "highly upset." Credit: Twitter

"Drake postponed his concert December 18th and since it's on a Wednesday I can't go," wrote Twitter user JadeXRochelle. "I really do feel some type of way."

She even went as far to say the postponement upset not just Philly, but people who came from other cities.

"The whole tri-state area is mad at @Drake," said the Twitter user, who added that postponing the show was "not f--king cool."

Like many, she also heard conflicting rumors on why the show was canned so suddenly.

"The [Wells Fargo Center] employee told us to leave our section and said his bus was late and then people started yelling saying it was canceled idk," she wrote.

Drake has been riding high following the early success of his latest album.

His third studio album, "Nothing Was the Same," was released last month and it debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200 chart. Its first week sales - 658,000 copies - remains one of the best totals of the year and the album is quickly approaching platinum status.

So Philly, just hold on, Drake will be back next month.

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