Monday, August 29, 2011

Beyonce is pregnant, so what now?

Perhaps the biggest star of the 2011 MTV VMAs was one that hasn't even been born yet.

Beyonce, looking stunning in a flowing floor-length orange dress, shocked the world as she gave photographers a preview of her baby bump on the pre-VMA show 'black carpet.'

It was a moment that was not televised, but it didn't take long before social media started spreading the exciting baby news.

Beyonce posed for photos while smiling and holding her hands around her protruding stomach, and the pregnancy rumors finally seemed to be put to rest - especially after MTV tweeted a photo (shown below) to prove it.

It was just a matter of moments before "BEYONCE IS PREGNANT" became a trending topic on Twitter.

The VMAs had yet to start and the buzz about Beyonce and Jay-Z's first child reached an all-time high.

And if the pre-VMA photos - that were spreading like wildfire on Twitter - weren't enough, Beyonce made it official following her powerful award show performance of 'Love on Top.'

The superstar singer - a week away from her 30th birthday - confidently tossed down the microphone, unbuttoned her purple sequined tuxedo jacket and posed with her hands her hips to let the world know she is indeed expecting.

To top it off, she gently rubbed her stomach several times with her right hand, instantly making it the belly rub heard 'round the world.

The first ever award show pregnancy announcement was met with wild cheers, and MTV cameras caught the reaction from father-to-be Jay-Z, who was congratulated in very brotherly fashion by Kanye West.

Now, what does all of this mean??

Well, it means...

-Beyonce will not be going on tour any time soon.

-We'll have to put up with constant speculation about the baby name and gender.

-Her young nephew will be taking a backseat to this new bundle of joy. Sorry, Juelz. No more award show spots for you.

- Offers to take photos of Beyonce's belly for a magazine cover will be pouring in.

-Someone will probably make a BeyonceJayZBaby Twitter handle.

-Kanye West will begin shopping for gifts to spoil his new 'nephew.' First items to purchase: red hot baby pants and gold chains.

-No one will care about photos of Michael Jackson's strange kids anymore. This newcomer is getting all the attention.

-TMZ and MediaTakeOut will be trying to outdo each other by obtaining sonograms of Bey and Jay's first child.

-Lastly, it means the baby could be born in April, which would be interesting considering Beyonce's endless connection to the number 4. (this could change depending on when the baby was conceived - but it seems April is a top candidate)

Note: Beyonce's birthday is 9/4. Jay-Z's birthday is 12/4. And her mother, Tina Knowles, birthday is 1/4. Beyonce and Jay-Z were married on 4/4. Beyonce's album is titled, '4.'

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

J.Cole's phone swiped by a fan during a Canada show

J.Cole made a rookie mistake while performing in Canada, and it cost him his cell phone.

The rapper got so close to fans that one of his female groupies swiped his cell phone during his performance, and now he's taken to Twitter with hopes of getting it back.

J.Cole, the first rap act signed to Jay-Z's Roc Nation, came off what seemed to be just another successful show at the Vogue Theater in Vancouver Tuesday night. It was his first show on the "Cole World Tour," that also includes stops in New York, London and Paris.

"Incredible. Vancouver we did that shit. Wowwww," the North Carolina rapper tweeted to his more than 700,000 followers.

Minutes later, the "Who Dat" rapper must have noticed he was without his cell phone and fired off tweets begging for the safe return of his cherished phone.

"People always ask my craziest experience on the road. Tonight the wildest shit happened. So to the girl in the front row with the white shirt and pink bra. Before I put this footage online of you stealin my phone out my pocket lol... Ima let you save the embarrassment and world star fame, by hittin @kingofqueenz or @iamdjdummy so I can gt that back asap. U got a few hrs."

He later gave the phone-snatcher another warning:

"And please don't call Jay-z, he on vacation," tweeted the rapper, whose debut album "Cole World: The Sideline Story," is slated to drop next month.

Thus far, a few Twitter users have said that they have the phone, including one who claims his girl took it.

Despite efforts from J.Cole and his team, the phone has yet to be recovered.

It's certainly a 'Cole' world when you can't even perform without personal items being stolen by front row fans.

Hopefully, Jermaine has learned his lesson in Rap Star 101.

Now, hurry up and release this footage of the sticky-fingered fan.


A.M. UPDATE: The fan returned the phone to J.Cole not long after the tweets threatening to expose her for the thief that she is.

"Ol girl came through with the phone, Vancouver you are now Officially fully the shit... Van City !!!!" tweeted J.Cole's manager @KingOfQueenz.

J.Cole also tweeted his excitement over the return: "The power of twitter is UNREAL! Cole World, No Thievery."