Friday, June 3, 2011

Kanye West performs at Gil Scott-Heron memorial

It's no secret that poet and musician Gil Scott-Heron is among the musical influences of rapper Kanye West.

If you listened to West's last album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, you heard Scott-Heron's unmistakable voice.

West, who included a portion of Scott-Heron's "Comment #1" on "Lost in the World/Who Will Survive in America," brought the poetic words to a new audience on his fifth album.

West clearly respected what Scott-Heron stood for and 40-year music legacy that he left behind.

Maybe that's why he decided to attend the Scott-Heron memorial service on Thursday morning at Harlem's Riverside Church.

West quietly sat in the front left of the church, wearing all black and dark sunglasses. He nodded his head to performances by a trio of Scott-Heron's long-time band members.

And then it was his turn to take the floor.

He performed "Lost in the World/Who Will Survive in America," which included a recording of Scott-Heron's words. Following the performance, West hugged Scott-Heron's daughter, Gia, and hung out with the family after the memorial.

But in typical West fashion, he dashed out of a back door of the church and hopped in a shiny silver Maybach.

For more: check out the story at the New York Daily News.


The service also included a moving poem by Gil Scott-Heron's daughter, Gia, 31.


We use clocks and watches to watch time
But time is not a machine, it doesn't let you rewind.
Time can have a way of being so unkind!
It slows down when you're at work, and when you're having fun it flies.
It never lies, but it has this way of tricking us, and leading us to our own demise.

Youth is wasted on the young, because only time and experience can make you wise.
We treat time like a commodity, and there's never enough to go around.
Time's always runnin' out, and always runnin' you down.
Yeah the clock is tickin' and waits for no man!
Time can make you feel like you're sinking in quicksand.
Time snatched my Father's life right out of his hands!
But you can't sue, or prosecute time.
It peacefully marches on, and that's not a crime.
But I thought he had more time y'all, I thought he had more time!

He was legendary
A visionary
An illuminating luminary.
There will never be another like He.
Made of stuff usually only seen in Mythology.
And although I'm biased,
I still say he's a genius!
Much more than an ordinary man.
Deciphering the media mumbo-jumbo jargon into something the masses could understand.
And for this he was treated like an informant, and a spy.
Just for helping us see when someone was telling us a lie.
So we gotta' honor him, by keeping his vision alive!
We gotta' "work for peace," stay away from "the bottle," shoot the breeze on "125th and Lenox," "shut down the plants," and pick up the pieces when we see "pieces of a man."
He was a man who kept it realer than life.
I thought he had more time y'all, I thought he had more time.

But because he was before his time, and because time is unfair...
We weren't even aware,
That his time was up!
But time can never diminish the bonds of unconditional love!
So though your demise is publicized,
This new revolution will be televised.
Both our dreams, are already realized.
Just like in the album REAL EYES
I realize
That I am forever yours
Your daughter for all time.
Time can't erase that! Time can't even touch it.
Our relationship wasn't perfect, but who's is?
I still love him!
Pop, I love you in life and death.
Until the day that I die.
But until that time, I'll just look to the sky
'cuz I know you'll be shinin' on me,
And be shinin' on in my memory,
For the rest of my life!
So it's see you later Pop, not goodbye.........................Love you Daddy, Gia

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