Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Beyonce releases new video; but was she outdone by a YouTube sensation?

eyonce's new video is here, but it seemed to fall a bit short of another video produced by a virtual unknown.

She rode in gracefully on a horse and didn't disappoint with her sand-filled dance moves. But despite enlisting the help of nearly the entire cast of The Lion King, the video for "Run the World (Girls)" just didn't live up to an unofficial version produced by Sean Bankhead.

Bankhead, an Atlanta-based choreographer, and his cast of sassy dancers seemed to outdo team Beyonce in the battle of the videos -- and the fans are already talking.

Bankhead's video, released on YouTube on May 1, has already surpassed more than 1 million views and it's continuing to climb in popularity.

If the comments on Bankhead's YouTube video are any indication, it looks like some people agree that his video may have bested Beyonce's over-the-top production that included a flaming car and an army of dancers.

Here's some of what is being said:

"Just saw the official "Run The World" video clip on ABC ... TERRIBLE ! You guys should have give Beyonce some advice !" wrote one YouTube user.

Another user wrote: "This video is better than the Beyonce's WOW!!!!!! Congrats- You got my vote on 106 & Park lol."

Another YouTube user: "I just watched the beyonce music video of girls and it didn't come close to being as great as this video. That says alot!!!!"

Check out the videos for yourself - what do you think??


Here's to you, Mr. Robinson said...

I would have to agree. The Bankhead video girls def. killed it.

Terri said...

The song and the video got on my nerves. TERRIBLE!