Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Tupac's murder still unsolved; Suge not charged

It only takes a moment to kill a rumor. But it only takes a second to spread one in the Twitter world.

Well, I'm going to kill this rumor right now: Marion "Suge" Knight has not been charged in the 1996 shooting death of Tupac.

The latest silly rumor comes during a week where Twitter users also falsely reported the death of the Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin. She's just one of several celebrities whose been a victim of a "Twitter death."

However, today's Internet hoax was pumped up by a YouTube video that appeared to show a TV news report that covered Knight's arrest for the 14-year-old unsolved murder.

But if you just paid attention, and did a little research it was easy to tell that this video was a hoax.

First, it included clips from two different Los Angeles TV stations - KTLA and FOX 11.

Also, it shows the date as "May 20, 2010." And the voice of the reporter in the second part of the clip, Jesse Gary, is clearly recorded over.

Lastly, a very quick check of the KTLA and FOX 11 websites would quickly dispel this rumor, and you could go on about your business. There are no such stories about an arrest in the death of Tupac on either website.

So people, please do a little research before you start spreading rumors because you saw it in a Twitter trending topic. Or in this case, because you saw a "news clip" on YouTube.

::Below is the phony video::

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