Thursday, December 30, 2010

A real 'Monster' released 25 years ago

Kanye West's video for "Monster" was finally released today.

It was just okay for me.

It should probably be no surprise that the best part was Nicki Minaj's scene, which featured one of her many different personalities. After all, she did steal the show on the song (before the video was released).

I was hoping that Mr. West stepped out of his character a little bit more. Seeing close-ups of his blinged out mouth, and women grabbing on him wasn't really satisfying for me. Maybe he should have popped in some crazy looking contact lenses or something? I would have liked to see him become a different kind of 'monster.' I feel like we got the same 'ole Kanye. I guess carrying a woman's head was good enough, right?? Ah, well.

But while watching it, I couldn't help but think about another 'monster' from 25 years ago.

Diana Ross transformed into something of a 'monster' in her 1985 video for the Michael Jackson penned "Eaten Alive." Now, this was a pretty good effort for being in the early stages of the music video craze.

Ross proved not only was she, "The Boss," but she was a damn good monster in this video.

Check out Kanye's video, and then watch Diana's. Which one do you like better?? I have my feelings, what's yours??

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