Friday, December 17, 2010

Lil' Kim airs out Nicki Minaj and Diddy on Hot 97

Lil' Kim is still dangerous when given the microphone.

She proved that Friday afternoon as she was a guest on Hot 97's Angie Martinez Show.

But Kim wasn't rapping, instead she was doing her best to discuss her highly talked about beef with Nicki Minaj.

The Queen Bee even imitated the Minaj during the radio interview. She attempted to talk like the often animated Queens rapstress.

"You don't pick fights with Kimmie Blanco," she said. "Cause I'm not taking my foot off her neck. Now, you started this. I hope she ready for this 'cause I don't play."

However, despite their beef Kim said she would do a track with the Pink Friday rapper.

"Now, I would do a song with her," she said. "For the right price...$7 million - maybe."

Oh, Kim.

In other highlights, she talked about her rocky relationship with Diddy, her feelings on the movie Notorious, dating Scott Storch and she had a few words for Faith Evans. She certainly covered all the bases.

On the Notorious movie/Faith/Biggie:

-"I was very hurt," she said of the Notorious movie. "They went through everything to try to sensationalize the movie by using my character to do it...They didn't sensationalize Faith's character. They sensationalized my character."

-"They had it like as if I was always mad or bothered with her...I was his mistress so to speak. She was basically like a stalker for me and BIG... But at the end of the day I understand because she was married to the man, and at that time I was his girlfriend," she said of Faith Evans.

On dating Scott Storch:

-"He treated me like a Queen...When I was going to jail he was a big support system to me. Not just financially, but we were friends. People found that hard to believe that we really had a great boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. But we really did. We used to have fun. We used to laugh a lot."

On Nicki Minaj:

-"I saw her coming up. I saw her making her way," she said. "Lil' Kim is a entertainer. I just happened to be talented, but I'm a hustler first. So at the end of the day when I'm looking on the Internet I'm looking for business opportunities. I'm not looking for beef. I'm not looking to see who I can start war with. That's not me. That's not what I do."

-"I could also see that she was very inspired by me," she said. "I haven't been doing music like that for a second. I looked her buzz as a way for kind of come back in."

-"In my eyes, I needed that exposure as far as music is concerned," she said, regarding a song she did with Nicki Minaj. "And then when we did the record they put it out on iTunes...I guess it didn't get the response that they wanted so they pulled it...I looked like it like they kinda used me to stamp it. Cause they knew that they were gonna kinda steal my swag...If you are going to steal my swag, you gonna have to pay. Somethin' got to give."

-"I see her at the Sweet 16," she said, referring to Justin Combs' birthday bash earlier this year. "Now, if you don't have a problem with me or if it isn't nothing. You don't be this close to me, and roll your eyes and put your head down and walk right past me."

-"You're gonna find out she's bipolar," she said. "The girl is not as stupid as people think she is. She know exactly what she's doin just to make people feel sorry for her. That's her thing. She's a very contradicting creature...Everything that's in the dark is going to reveal itself in the light pretty soon. And I really feel like now it's about to happen...God made it so I could that have my way back in, and really represent the right way in this game for the females."

-"She wanted to be the only one out there. We could be in this game together. She just wanted to be out there by herself. That's definitely it," she said.

On Diddy:

"He is the most positive-negative mothersucka I've ever met," she said. "You take his butt and put it to his mouth and get a spark 'cause it's a negative and a positive."

-"I had a lot of love for Puffy," she said. "Where I'm at with Puffy is I'm sick of it. I'm sick of him not being loyal to at least one person. That's where I'm at with him. Be loyal to one person for me, please. Show me one person, and then I can maybe open my arms back up to you."

"My problem with you Puffy is the fact that you sit there and say you would never let homegirl talk reckless about me, but you on a record with her - which is your record - and she's talking reckless to me. If that was me, Puffy would have been like, 'That record can't go out. That can't go out.' He would have shut it down. With her, he just lettin' it all ride because he trying to get in where he fit in over there."

"At this point my attitude with Puffy is whatever," she said. "He can't ask me for nothing no more...He come to me, he better come correct 'cause it's all about that paper."

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