Thursday, October 7, 2010

El and Chico DeBarge take fans down memory lane

El DeBarge is making the most of his second chance.

The "I Like It" singer showed an intimate crowd at SOBs in New York City last night that he still has it.

But he almost lost it all - for good.

A two-decade addiction to heroin and crack sidelined the popular 80s crooner. Not to mention, he spent 13 months in prison on drug charges.

El hit rock bottom, but he's battled back.

He will release his new album, "Second Chance," on Nov. 30, and it seems like he's had no problem getting those old fans back.

He took fans on a trip down memory lane last night performing hits, "Rhythm of the Night," "Time Will Reveal" and "I Call Your Name," just to name a few. The 49-year-old singer showed no sings of rust. He played the piano, danced and of course, hit his signature falsetto that made him a household name during the 80s. It was like he never left.

Chico DeBarge even showed up to support, and briefly performed with his big brother. (video below)


precious-blossom said...

So excited El is back!!!....Oh and the album is called 'Second Chance'

M Feenz said...

thanks. i knew that! lol. had to clean up a few things. :-) rushing to post never pays off. lol