Wednesday, October 20, 2010

DSU Throwback: 20 Questions "Homecoming Edition"

This is an old Hornet newspaper tradition at Delaware State University.
It's all in good fun, and based off real situations during last week's homecoming.

1. Who was at homecoming with hair that was styled by the kids at the DSU day care center? Crayons anyone?

2. Who walked up to someone at homecoming and said, "Hey, weren't you in the boom boom room?"

3. And which former 'boom boom room' participants looked like they should be in the ka-boom-boom room (for plus-sized models)?

4. Who threw their back out trying to "make it clap" at the homecoming alumni party?

5. Wasn't it good to see former SGA President Delano Hunter not campaigning or asking for a donation? (#imjustsayin)

6. Should the Alphas hide their kids, hide their wives and hide their old step show tapes because the Ques are swagger-jacking everything at Del State!? (Rewind!)

7. Which former DSU administrator was killing the Cupid Shuffle at the alumni party?

8. Which well-known DSU alum was caught on someone's RADAR and then got escorted out of the undergraduate homecoming concert by police? (

9. And was it the current SGA President who got him tossed out?

10. Who was scalping homecoming alumni party tickets?

11. Is the cheerleading squad bigger than the DSU band?

12. Which DSU alum told DJ Enuff that she wanted to "cuff his ass" after the homecoming alumni party? (#truestory)

13. How many times YOU going to come to the alumni party, but YOU haven't finished that undergraduate degree? (#imjustsayin)

14. Who walked around shouting profanity in the new student center because they were upset the sparkling new facility wasn't around when they were in school??

15. Was anyone else wondering where the Hornet mascot was?

16. Who was complaining at $30 party ticket prices, but was the first one in line to buy a bottle??

17. And weren't people posing with bottles like it was a trophy?

18. Who was at homecoming with a main chick and a mistress?

19. Should next year's homecoming have a day care for kids of alums?

20. Who didn't attend homecoming, but felt like they were there after viewing (MFeenz) pics on Facebook?

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