Monday, September 20, 2010

Trey Songz closes out first headlining tour in NYC

Trey Songz wrapped up his "Passion, Pain & Pleasure" tour in New York City to cap off a week that also included the release of his latest album by the same name.

The tour, which also featured Monica and Dondria, was the first headlining tour for the R&B crooner from Virginia. A pretty notable accomplishment for the singer, who earlier this year nabbed his first Grammy nod for the album "Ready."

But there is one feat that has eluded the 25-year-old singer -- platinum status.

His first three albums have been stacked with popular singles, but not enough to put the singer over the platinum hump.

Maybe now that this tour is over, Songz can hit the ground to make this album his most successful yet.

But after listening to "Passion, Pain & Pleasure," I don't think this is going to be the one. It's another album with some just okay songs that I felt like I've heard before. Perhaps it's because we've been served a hefty helping of Songz music recently (ahem, "Anticipation" mixtape). It might be time for Tremaine to take a little breaky-break.

In any event, he put on a dope show at the Beacon Theater on Friday night. He even fulfilled the wildest fantasy of one "lucky fan," and brought out Fabolous for "Say Aah."

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