Saturday, September 25, 2010

FOX sportscaster references Gloria Estefan song

Tim McCarver can do the conga!

The Fox sportscaster confessed to the world that he absolutely loves singer Gloria Estefan.

During Saturday's broadcast of the Yankees-Red Sox game, McCarver admitted that Estefan is one of his "favorite song stylists."

And his reason for mentioning the Miami Sound Machine singer was awkwardly enough part of a not-so-clever baseball analogy.

After Red Sox pitcher John Lester struck out Alex Rodriguez on a cut fastball, McCarver was reminded of one of his favorite Estefan songs -- "Cuts Both Ways."

He said Lester's cut fastball moved in and out, and that it "cut both ways." Not sure if I've ever heard of a fastball being compared to a sleepy love song. I'm guessing he was listening to his iPod in between innings.

Fans watching the game across the country were also pretty surprised.

Here is what they were saying on Twitter:

fleegan Tim McCarver is talking about a Gloria Estefansong in the booth. SHUT UP, TIM MCCARVER.

kristilunsford Tim McCarver just related Boston pitching to a Gloria Estefan song. He needs to go!

joerosinski Tim McCarver has said many dumb things in his life. This thing about Gloria Estefan and "It Cuts Both Ways" might be the worst yet though.

DivineMark T.McCarver just said "Gloria Estefan is one of my favorite song stylists..I really like her music" I think it's time for a new lead analyst

Wow I'm so glad that Lester reminds these dumb #fox announcers of Gloria Estefan #NYY #BOS

However, there was at least one fan who enjoyed the strange reference.

heelsonthefield McCarver with an obscure Gloria Estefansong reference of hers that I love! LOL That was great.#Yankees

This isn't the first not-so-popular comparison that McCarver has made in his 31 years as a sportscaster.

Earlier this season, he compared the Yankees' treatment of Joe Torre to Nazi Germany and Stalinist Russia. He said the Yankees had "airbrushed" Torre out of their history, and made a comparison to how Nazi and Soviet leaders dealt with generals when they became dissatisfied with their performance.

McCarver's comments troubled the Anti-Defamation League, which advocates anti-Semitism and bigotry.

McCarver later admitted that he put his foot in his mouth (not the first time).

"Although my analogy was inappropriate, in my opinion the underlying point remains true," McCarver told the NY Daily News. "That Yankee management -- not the players, they have embraced Joe Torre and always will -- has erased Joe Torre from their history, for the most part."

Well, I wonder if he watched the unveiling of George Steinbrenner's monument at Yankee Stadium last week? Because guess who was welcomed back to the stadium? Joe Torre.

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