Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Terrell Owens hoops in Harlem

Terrell Owens put on quite a show shootin' hoops at Harlem's Rucker Park last night. And the cameras were rolling. (video below)

Too bad he wasn't any good.

Then again, he could always play for the Knicks. I'm sure they'd take him.

Despite some missed dunks and open opportunities by the free agent wide receiver, T.O.'s team cruised to a 119 to 107 victory over Chad Ochocinco's team. Both teams featured some of the top street ballers in NYC.

Ochocinco, who watched from the sidelines, even had rapper Jadakiss on his squad. But that didn't seem to help much.

The Cincinnati Bengal and former Dancing with the Stars contestant couldn't do much to keep his team from defeat. Although there was nothing on the line, with the exception of bragging rights.

The game was just another stop along their promotional tour for their respective VH1 reality television shows.

Ochocinco is making people believe he is going to find "true love" on his dating reality show, "The Ultimate Catch."

Meanwhile, "The T.O. Show" is back for its second season. No dating show here, but it's all about T.O. and his day-to-day.

Well, one thing is for sure, the new season of "The T.O. Show" will be better than his basketball game. (But that's not really saying much) Stay tuned!!

Some moments that I'm sure T.O. isn't too proud of.....

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