Monday, June 14, 2010

Too much Ciroc for Diddy and Fab at the PR parade?

Diddy always know how to make an entrance, but he almost made a tragic exit at the annual Puerto Rican Day parade in New York City.

The 40-year-old hip-hop mogul and Ciroc poster boy cruised down 5th Avenue on the Hot 97 float yesterday, and nearly took an awful spill.

Of course, instead of standing on the float and waving the Puerto Rican flag in a safe location, Diddy decided he would party wildly atop the cab of the flatbed truck.

The not-so-smart decision nearly resulted in Diddy being splattered along 5th Avenue.

He came close on several occasions to falling onto the pavement, and at one point he fell down on all fours on top of the cab. The fall led to members of the Diddy entourage to hold on to his clothes while he was standing dangerously atop of the cab.

The rain began to fall, but Diddy continued to live on the edge, and did his famous dance moves.

But the cops had seen enough. They finally intervened and told the "Hello, Good Morning" rapper to get down. And he did.

However, in typical Diddy fashion he did not act alone. He was joined by Brooklyn rapper, Fabolous, who also performed while standing on top of the cab of the truck.

Fab also teetered a few times and nearly fell face first off the cab. Members of the entourage also held on to Fab's polo to keep him from 'bodying' himself. That's the last thing Fab needs is more damage to his grill. #imjustsayin

The jammed packed float also featured the ladies of Dirty Money, Rick Ross, Busta Rhymes, Red Cafe and Cassie.

Thankfully, the hip-hop stars ended the soggy parade without injury. Good thing because I'm sure they would have blamed it on the alcohol - Ciroc Coconut and pineapple (Coco Loso), to be exact.

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