Sunday, May 23, 2010

Joe Budden 'Pump It Up' Kickball Klassic

He's just your average Joe.

Who else would organize an impromptu kickball game with his Twitter family on a nice and sunny day in New Jersey??

You guessed it - Joe Budden!

Everyone's favorite Jersey rapper took advantage of the spring weather - and his 80,000 Twitter followers - to host what I'll call the 'Pump It Up Kickball Klassic.'

The four-hour event, kicked off around 4 p.m. on Friday at North Hudson Park in North Bergen, N.J., just a few hours after Budden announced it on Twitter.

Budden, wearing a wifbeater and sweatpants, pitched for his team, which included the current "Mrs. Budden" - Esther Baxter.

However, the rapper's 'SlaughterMouse' squad was not victorious. They were defeated by 'Team Verified' - not once, but twice.

The day after, the 29-year-old rapper tweeted, "Good morning......i'm currently feeling the after affects of playing kickball for 4 hours yesterday, i'm not as young as i use 2 be."

If you missed it (like myself), Budden has already tweeted about *possibly* doing it again in two to three weeks.

Check out the videos from the game:

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