Sunday, May 23, 2010

Joe Budden 'Pump It Up' Kickball Klassic

He's just your average Joe.

Who else would organize an impromptu kickball game with his Twitter family on a nice and sunny day in New Jersey??

You guessed it - Joe Budden!

Everyone's favorite Jersey rapper took advantage of the spring weather - and his 80,000 Twitter followers - to host what I'll call the 'Pump It Up Kickball Klassic.'

The four-hour event, kicked off around 4 p.m. on Friday at North Hudson Park in North Bergen, N.J., just a few hours after Budden announced it on Twitter.

Budden, wearing a wifbeater and sweatpants, pitched for his team, which included the current "Mrs. Budden" - Esther Baxter.

However, the rapper's 'SlaughterMouse' squad was not victorious. They were defeated by 'Team Verified' - not once, but twice.

The day after, the 29-year-old rapper tweeted, "Good morning......i'm currently feeling the after affects of playing kickball for 4 hours yesterday, i'm not as young as i use 2 be."

If you missed it (like myself), Budden has already tweeted about *possibly* doing it again in two to three weeks.

Check out the videos from the game:

Monday, May 3, 2010

Gotti name headed for the music charts

The grandson of mob boss, John Gotti, is taking the family name where it has never been before -- to the music charts.

Carmine Gotti wants the world to know this was not an overnight decision to jump head first into music.

He told me that he's worked tirelessly for the past three years on becoming an artist that people can take seriously.

I recently sat down with the former star of "Growing Up Gotti."

Check it out here: read the interview.

(Pictured above: M.Feenz with Carmine Gotti)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Drake rocks Bamboozle, pays tribute to Lil' Wayne

Drake rocked the Bamboozle Music Festival, and made sure he paid tribute to the man responsible for his success - Lil' Wayne.

"Free Weezy," seemed to be the theme of the first day of the annual festival at the Meadowlands in East Rutherford, N.J.

Concertgoers wore "Free Weezy" t-shirts, and Drake expressed the same feelings.

"Free my n---a tunechi, he didn't even do shit," Drake said last night as he performed before tens of thousands of people in the parking lot of the Meadowlands.

The 23-year-old Canadian rapper performed just about every feature that he's ever done, and made sure to do a few tracks from his upcoming album, Thank Me Later.

The biggest surprise of the set was Drizzy bringing out Birdman to close his show.

They performed Birdman's big hits, "4 My Town" and "Money to Blow." Both songs featured Lil' Wayne, who is currently serving a year in Rikers Island jail for a gun charge.

"We gonna try to wake Lil' Wayne up, we gonna make enough noise to wake Lil' Wayne up," Drake said before performing "Money to Blow."

The crowd went nuts for every mention of the jailed rapper, especially when Drake performed Weezy's "I'm Going In."

"I want to send a message tonight," Drake told fans. "You know Lil Wayne sits in his cell every day and listens to Hot 97 right? So I get to thinking, I say, 'Man, tonight at Bamboozle we got one of the biggest crowds on this whole fuckin tour and I want to let Lil' Wayne know how much these people still love him on the outside.'"

Drake also dug deep into his own musical catalog. He performed "Forever," "Unstoppable," "Fear," "A Night Off," "Best I Ever Had," "Say Something," and new songs, "Over," "The Resistance" and "Fireworks."