Friday, March 12, 2010

Gaga and Honey Bee KILL it in new video

Wanted: a gagalicious singing duo for mass murder.

Lady Gaga and Beyonce teamed up once again in the new video for "Telephone," and they killed it. Literally!

The nearly ten minute mini movie, which made its debut yesterday, went from the prison yard to a very "deadly" diner.

Of course, it featured some outrageous Gaga outfits, including one that proved she doesn't have a penis!!

And Gaga wasn't shy in her prison yard debut either. She even shared a passionate kiss with a tough leather-wearing female inmate.

If that wasn't enough, Beyonce traded in her "Sasha Fierce" alter ego in exchange for a new alias -- "Honey Bee" (as Gaga called her).

The Gaga-Bee duo gave Thelma and Louise a run for the money, especially with their dance routine to close out the over-the-top video.

They were last seen fleeing in a fire red and yellow Pussy Wagon.

This wasn't the first time the divas teamed up. Gaga joined Beyonce for the remix of her hit, "Video Phone," and it looks like this may not be the last time we see the pair.

The video ends: "To be continued...."

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