Monday, February 15, 2010

Chris Brown Getting Naughty with V-Day Mixtape

Chris Brown gave his fans a Valentine's Day gift in the form of a mixtape featuring 21 new songs.

The album, specifically targeted at his female listeners, features some awfully suggestive and sexually explicit tracks such as "Invented Head," "Too Freaky" and "No Bullshit."

"I use my tongue / Yeah, I'm the Cookie Monster / You a Amazon so can you take this Anaconda," he sings on "Invented Head."

It's probably the most "grown up" lyrics we've heard from the 20-year-old from Virginia. I think he's stolen a page or two from the book of Trey Songz, another Virginia R&B bad boy.

"You gon' black out when I throw your back out," C-Breezy sings on "Back Out."

"Your kitty is like a lullaby, I'm so glad that I'm in it," he continues on the track filled with sexual innuendoes.

The raunchy content on the In the Zone mixtape is just a little surprising, considering his young teenage fan base. I'm sure his mama didn't approve these tracks. But I guess none of that matters these days. I digress.

Nonetheless, the mixtape is a nice treat and quite the improvement from his latest release, Graffiti, which seems to have fizzled out.

The mixtape also features Soulja Boy on "Bad" and Rich Girl on "Perfume."

To download the mixtape, click here.

You won't be disappointed. After all, it's free!!

Favorite tracks: Don't Lie, Twitter, Turnt Up

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TYFS Admin. said...

I agree...this is his best work. It's funny because I think this mixtape should have been the graffiti album and vice versa. I also think that more R&B artists should do mixtapes while the fans wait for their albums to drop!