Saturday, January 16, 2010

From Poppin' Champagne to Cheese and Crackers?

We have songs about peanut butter and jelly. So why not a song about cheese and crackers?

Ron Browz is teasing his latest song, "Cheese and Crackers" on YouTube with hopes that it's his next big hit.

On the YouTube page, the description says, "Cheese + Crackers = $$$$$ and lots of it!!! Follow the movement! Official Video Coming Soon! "

Below the "Pop Champagne" rapper/producer gives us a little taste of "Cheese and Crackers" in an 18 second clip. And after listening to that, I think I want to ask Browz for my 18 seconds back!!

"Cheese ain't good enough, I need the crackers with that," Browz says on the track.

I'm having a little trouble digesting this one. What are your thoughts??

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