Saturday, January 2, 2010

Concert Review: Mimi less than mesmerizing

Mariah Carey is the quintessential diva without a doubt. But last night she rang in the New Year with a less than impressive performance at Madison Square Garden, according to one concert-goer.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and since I wasn't there I decided to check out some videos of the show. After doing so, I would probably have to agree with the review of this concert-goer. However, that wouldn't be fair because I wasn't there to experience it. (below: check out some video clips)

If those clips weren't enough, I'll turn this blog over to our guest blogger, Rod Gailes OBC, who attended last night's Mariah Carey concert at Madison Square, which also featured "Mr. I Invented Sex" Trey Songz.

Mariah in concert: a WUH-HAAAAK experience.

I have never gone to the bathroom in the midst of a major artist's concert set. I broke that rule tonight at Mariah's very expensively priced MSG show. So P.O'd!!!

I love her voice (when she actually sings) but Mariah Carey tonight (much like crack) was WACK. Yes! WUH-HAAAACK! So much talent. So little respect for the craft of mounting a performance ready show.

Only 360 degree artists (dancer/singer/visual spectacle) should adopt a lipsync strategy to performance. If you are known for singing, HEY! SING LIVE!!! Watching a respected vocalist lipsync while teetering on 5" heels N tight dresses like a drunk aunt gives drunk aunts everywhere a bad name.

What's worse is SHE CAN ACTUALLY SING. She just declined to do so for most of the 90 minutes she spent on stage with her ill rehearsed dancers! I felt so sorry for them as they worked feverishly to make her look like she was giving a show worth the exorbitant price of admission.

I was so excited to see MC live in concert after all these years and am now resigned simply to listening to her records. Sooo disappointed! And she totally P.O'd me at the end of the show by singing the HECK outta "HERO" & "EmOtions" twittering high notes & all!! Amazing to see & hear. Alas, it was too little, too late.

Her buddy Trey Lorenz, however, sang an amazing "Rock With You" in tribute to MJ while MC changed into yet another tight dress & "quenched her thirst". Showmanship is the DUTY of all performance artists (Heck! ALL ARTISTS in my opinion).

Mariah took our $$$ & gave us a poorly rehearsed show!

Only the WELL REHEARSED King of Pop MJ & Janet get passes 4 "vocal assistance" in concert becuz they gave/give 1000% on every front even on FAT, SICK, & TIRED days. No such pass 4 MC!

Trey Songz, who opened for MC, is officially now the new R. Kelly. Maybe I'm late on this one. Sang the ISH outta all his hits! I gained new respect for Trey Songz tonight. I don't dig all the sex material, but he sang the HECK outta them songs LIVE!

MC, are U listening?

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