Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Are You Serious? Cheese and Crackers Dance!?

If the "Cheese and Crackers" song wasn't silly enough, now we have to stomach a dance to accompany the ridiculous tune.

Harlem rapper/producer Ron Browz has left the Auto-tune in 2009 and kicked off 2010 with a catchy track named after a popular snack, "Cheese and Crackers."

Recent videos posted to YouTube introduce the new cheese and crackers dance, which is probably the worst dance to come out of Harlem since the Chicken Noodle Soup. The new dance is merely a big cheesy smile followed by crossing your arms over your chest and rapidly patting yourself. You know what, just watch the video. I think this is the first time cheese and crackers almost made me throw up.

To further promote the song and dance, a skit featuring two little kids playing around with cheese and crackers at a dining room table has also hit YouTube. The skit ends with both kids doing the cheese and crackers dance. If nothing good comes out of this, perhaps Browz will get sponsored by Ritz crackers.

In another YouTube video, the Ether Boy took to the streets of New York City to ask people for their feelings on cheese and crackers. I'll give him credit, this was kinda funny. But mostly because of the responses and the editing of the video. Not to mention, Browz looked like something out of the movie Revenge of the Nerds.

Not sure if Browz -- who made a big splash with "Pop Champagne" -- has a hit with "Cheese and Crackers," but people will certainly be talking about it.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lil' Diddy has the biggest Super Sweet 16 EVER!

No one can top the Super Sweet 16 that Diddy gave his son, Justin Combs, at one of New York's hottest nightclubs last night.

Diddy's eldest son, Justin Dior Combs, celebrated his 16th birthday with hundreds of teenagers in an exclusive guest list only party at M2 Ultralounge.

Those lucky enough to be in attendance were treated to a star-studed concert that could have been a potential Summer Jam lineup!

Jim Jones, Juelz Santana, Webstar, G-Dep, Nicki Minaj (who was also Justin's date for the evening), Fabolous and Trey Songz each performed their big hits as the birthday boy danced around the stage with his brothers, Quincy, Christian and Niko.

Diddy announced he had given his son $10,000 to put in his bank account, but Justin decided to donate that money to help Haiti recover from the earthquake. Diddy and his son posed with a giant check for $10,000 made out from Justin to Yele Haiti.

Justin's proud mother, Misa Hylton, provided a positive message, encouraging the kids in attendance to do well in school just like her son. She said Justin is a straight A student at Iona Prep in New Rochelle.

But perhaps the most predictable part of EVERY MTV Super Sweet 16 is that the kid celebrating the birthday usually gets a car from his/her parents. Well, Diddy decided he was going to change things up a bit. He got his son a Maybach, valued at $300,000, but he also got him his own personal driver. Diddy said he didn't want his son driving that car right away so he'll have a driver until he can prove he can drive on his own.

Other special invited guests included Lil' Kim, Heavy D, Sheek Louch, Jadakiss, Irv Gotti, Jojo Simmons, Diggy Simmons, Snooki (along with some other cast members of MTV's Jersey Shore), Carlos of Making the Band 4 and Teyana Taylor.

A pre-recorded video was also played featuring a few of Diddy's friends - Terrell Owens, Kim Kardashian and Fabolous. They all wished the prince of New York a happy birthday.

Jadakiss and Sheek Louch
Carlos of Making the Band

Teyana Taylor

Martellus Bennett of the Dallas Cowboys

LeSean McCoy of the Philadelpha Eagles of the Dallas Cowboys

Heavy D

Bri and Walt
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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Twitterville unhappy with Scott Baio joke about First Lady

Scott Baio may not have meant any harm in his tweet about the First Lady, but his 140 character joke has sparked outrage in Twitterville.

Some Twitterers have even threatened Baio's life over the bad joke and accused him of being a racist.

Now, the actor -- best known for his roles on Happy Days, Joanie Loves Chachi and Charles in Charge -- is defending his Tweet and denying that he is a racist.

On Tuesday afternoon, Baio tweeted, "WOW He wakes up to this every morning," along with a very unflattering picture of Michelle Obama. (Below is the picture that he included)

The tweet sent the Twitter community into a frenzy with many of his followers firing away hate-filled blasts at the former sitcom star. Many accused him of being racist and his response was, well, quite pathetic.

He defended claims that he is racist by posting a picture of him with his wife's best friend, who happens to be black.

The proud Republican, who tweeted his support for Scott Brown, also pointed out that he directed black sitcoms, The Parkers and The Wayans Bros. C'mon Scott, you can't be serious!?

He shouldn't even be responding to these messages. He's also making it public that he's reporting these people who have threatened him (good for him) and he's retweeted some of the hateful messages directed at him.

It's already been more than 24 hours after the Tweet that started it all, and he's still defending himself.

"For New followers: I POST A LOT OF JOKES WITH PICS. They are JUST that, a joke. NOT targeting anyone. Laughter IS the best medicine," he said in a Wednesday night tweet.

I've come to the conclusion that some celebrities just don't need to be using Twitter. That includes washed up D-list celebs like Baio.

Perhaps he should just delete his Twitter account. Uh, NOW!

***You can read all of Scott Baio's Tweets by clicking here.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Music Monday: Trey, Usher, Cassie, Nicki

Just wanted to share some new tracks with the MFEENZ.COM readers....

After all, it's MUSIC MONDAY......


Trey Songz goes IN on this track. Rihanna's "Hard" gets a well-deserved facelift via the VA crooner. He hit a home run with this one. This guy said, "I yup, yup, yup in your broad." Wowww.

Usher seems to be coming out of his funk and finally starting to put out some half-way decent music again. Check out this track "Little Freak" featuring Nicki Minaj. I'm sure it's soon to be a stripper's anthem.

Cassie gettin' a little raunchy on her new leaked track, "Fuck You Silly." Yeah, that's the name of it. Sounds like Vanity 6 dropped this track on the sidewalk and Cassie walked along and picked it up. It doesn't help matters that Nicki Minaj is also on the track. What isn't Minaj on these days??

Also check these links for recent MFEENZ.COM blogs on new music:


Look Who's Back: Keke Wyatt

It's been a minute, but the soul-singin' Keke Wyatt is back!!

The powerhouse singer released her debut album, Soul Sista, in 2001 and then she pretty much vanished.

"Nothing in This World" featuring Avant was her big and only real hit off the album, which managed to go certified gold.

Prior to her own album being released she was recognized for being the soulful voice on Avant's "My First Love."

Wyatt also made headlines when she was charged for allegedly stabbing her husband/manager with a steak knife several times on Christmas day in 2001. Her husband later dropped the charges and then remained together. However, they're currently getting divorced, she told VIBE in a recent interview.

Now, Wyatt is back with her new song, "Who Knew." The album, which shares the same name as the first single, is slated to be released Feb. 23.

Check out her new single below:

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Wyclef says he's 'DISGUSTED' by accusations against Yele

Wyclef Jean had to pause his efforts to help the people of his native Haiti to defend accusations made against his own organization.

Yele Haiti, Jean's charity, had received more than $2 million in donations since the devastating earthquake that killed thousands and left the country in shambles.

But groups that screen charities have questioned how Wyclef's charity would help the people of Haiti. Some reports have even accused Wyclef of getting paid from Yele Haiti.

The Haitian-born rapper released a YouTube video statement denouncing the claims.

"I never and would ever take my money from my personal pocket when it comes to Yele," he said in a video posted today. "I myself have put a million dollars inside of my own foundation. So not only I denounce all of that, I'm disgusted by that."

Personally, I think it's awful he has to defend his efforts during such a crisis.

Wyclef is taking the lead in this because Haiti is where he's from. We should applaud his efforts instead of trying to tear down his organization.

I'm sure there are tons of scamming groups out there, but I don't think Yele Haiti is one of them.

If you would like to donate to Wyclef's organization text "Yele to 501 501. The text will automatically donate $5 to his foundation in support of the Haitian earthquake victims.


From Poppin' Champagne to Cheese and Crackers?

We have songs about peanut butter and jelly. So why not a song about cheese and crackers?

Ron Browz is teasing his latest song, "Cheese and Crackers" on YouTube with hopes that it's his next big hit.

On the YouTube page, the description says, "Cheese + Crackers = $$$$$ and lots of it!!! Follow the movement! Official Video Coming Soon! "

Below the "Pop Champagne" rapper/producer gives us a little taste of "Cheese and Crackers" in an 18 second clip. And after listening to that, I think I want to ask Browz for my 18 seconds back!!

"Cheese ain't good enough, I need the crackers with that," Browz says on the track.

I'm having a little trouble digesting this one. What are your thoughts??

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Fantasia's new reality show: Money and fame don't change everything

They just giving away reality shows these days!

Up next on the list for "who wants a reality show" is American Idol winner, Fantasia!

The small-town girl from North Carolina returns to her roots (or ruts) to bring you a front row seat into her wild and crazy world with her freeloading family. The first episode is set to air tomorrow on VH1 at 10 p.m. (However, you can watch the whole first episode below)

The 25-year-old singer, who hasn't released any music in over two years, storms back with this VH1 reality show centered around her overly dependent family and her hopes to revive her career.

The first episode of "Fantasia For Real" highlights Tasia's older brother, Teeny, 28, who milks his famous sister for whatever he can get. The sad part is she never says no to him. He doesn't work and spends most of his time in the pool house, which he's turned into a makeshift music studio. Tasia vows to get him to provide for himself, but that doesn't look too likely.

Fantasia is also working on her new album and trying hard to push her new song, "Move On Me," as her first single. Her label doesn't think the song is worthy of being a comeback single, but Tasia and her manager are pressed to prove them wrong. I'll need to hear it a few more times, but it doesn't sound that bad. At least it ain't "Baby Mama" Pt.2. LOL. (Y'all remember "Baby Mama" from her first album)

Tasia also has high hopes of returning to Broadway, where she starred in The Color Purple, and she plans to finally get her GED.

This is make or break time for the single-mother who quickly went from nothing to something. She's got SIX family members counting on her income. But hey, I guess that's what happens when you're famous. Will she turn it around? We'll have to watch and see.

From checking out the first episode, you automatically think you're watching a watered-down version of Keyshia Cole's reality show.

I'll give the show a chance. The first episode wasn't a complete train wreck.

I'm rooting for her. Good luck, Tasia.

SET TO AIR JAN. 11 @ 10 p.m. on VH1

WTF: Nicki Minaj IN; Trina OUT on Keri Hilson remix

If it ain't broke, don't try to fix it -- or remix it, for that matter!!

That's my feelings on this new remix for Keri Hilson's "Get Your Money Up," which features Young Money's leading lady, Nicki Minaj. (Below)

The song from Keri Hilson's debut album, In a Perfect World..., originally featured singer Keyshia Cole and the self-professed "baddest bitch," Trina. (Below)

But for the remix, Trina, the veteran rapper, got the heave-ho! Perhaps because of all the hype over rap's newest female sex siren, Nicki Minaj.

Personally, I think the song was dope with Trina. The problem I have is that Trina was bounced from the track like a bad check and swapped for Minaj. The song honestly doesn't even deserve a remix because it never really got any buzz as a "hot single." And clearly, the days of remixes being a reincarnation of a popular song are long gone. Rest in peace to the days when a remix had a new beat and arrangement. This sad excuse for a "remix" just swapped one female rapper for another. What's that!?

Don't get me wrong. I like the whole Minaj gimmick. She goes around signing girls breasts at concerts, and she calls herself "black barbie," even though she resembles a black Peggy Bundy! Damn, bangs! LOL.

But bottom line, she shouldn't have replaced Trina on the track. Maybe I would have been more pleased if she was just added. A female anthem with the hottest chicks in the game would have been a good look.

Meanwhile, Trina has a video for her latest single, "That's My Attitude."

So I guess she could probably care less about being scratched. "Still the baddest bitch in the game, that's my attitude," she says on the track. Um, and I might have to agree. Her new album is slated to be released in June. Her next single, "Million Dollar Girl," features Diddy and Keri Hilson.

As for Minaj, we're still waiting for her album...

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Rihanna hittin' a home run with new boyfriend

Going, going, gone!

Rihanna is rounding the bases with Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Matt Kemp and the two lovebirds seem to have hit a homer on their vacay in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. They sunbathed aboard a luxurious yacht, raced on jet skis and shared kisses to start the new year.

Kemp, a 25-year-old Gold Glove-winning center fielder, was even photographed "cuffing" the booty of the "Umbrella" singer during their get-away.

Hopefully their relationship makes it through to baseball season. It will be interesting to see if the 6-foot-2-inch and 230-pound outfielder can follow up on his amazing 2009 season. The stud from Oklahoma batted .295, with 25 home runs, 100 RBIs and 30 steals last season.

Kemp, who appeared in Rih Rih's new video for "Hard," was also rumored last year to have been dating another singer -- LeToya Luckett. He also appeared in Luckett's video for "She Ain't Got..." I guess that's what happens when you play in LA!

We'll see how long this lasts before Kemp is "on to the next one," as Jay-Z would say.

But the speedy outfielder better not try to jump on the next hot singer because clearly Rihanna isn't up for riding the bench. Just ask her ex-boo, Chris Brown. And we all know how that story ended.


Sunday, January 3, 2010

No Diggity, No Doubt: Teddy Riley says he 'collared' his daughter

Ohhh, jam! There's no ifs, ands or diggities about it -- music producer Teddy Riley admits to manhandling his two daughters and threatening to bash them with a toy guitar.

"I did not hit her. I collared her," the "Groove Me" singer said of the altercation at his Los Angeles home that began with his 18-year-old daughter, Taja.

"I handled it like a parent," he said in the video.

Unfortunately, this picture below, published on, shows his daughter was a bit bruised after the old school style of parenting.

The Dec. 23 incident concluded when the Harlem-bred Riley had tossed both of his daughters down on the ground in front of him and threatened knock them into next week with the guitar from the Rock Band video game.

"I grabbed the guitar, the rock guitar" he recalled. "And I said I'm going to go across both of y'all heads if y'all don't get out my house right now."

Taja Riley filed claims in Los Angeles County Superior Court that her 43-year-old father abused her and her older sister by "stomping, punching and bashing them." Teddy Riley has since been slapped with a temporary restraining order.

Teddy Riley decided he wanted to share his side of the story. Just watch the video for yourselves. He even acts out the whole scene. I don't think I've ever seen a celebrity come this clean in front of a paparazzi camera. What was he thinking!? Or perhaps, what was he drinking!?

The nasty altercation between the music producer and his two daughters was even widely discussed on Twitter, according to a report on

Riley, known for being a member of R&B groups Guy and BlackStreet, is also widely recognized as the creator behind the New Jack Swing music movement in the late 80s/early 90s.

He even co-produced Michael Jackson's album, Dangerous, in 1991.

Below, he talks with Don Lemon of CNN about Jackson's death. He also recalls how he and his daughter hung out with the King of Pop at the Neverland Ranch.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Concert Review: Mimi less than mesmerizing

Mariah Carey is the quintessential diva without a doubt. But last night she rang in the New Year with a less than impressive performance at Madison Square Garden, according to one concert-goer.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and since I wasn't there I decided to check out some videos of the show. After doing so, I would probably have to agree with the review of this concert-goer. However, that wouldn't be fair because I wasn't there to experience it. (below: check out some video clips)

If those clips weren't enough, I'll turn this blog over to our guest blogger, Rod Gailes OBC, who attended last night's Mariah Carey concert at Madison Square, which also featured "Mr. I Invented Sex" Trey Songz.

Mariah in concert: a WUH-HAAAAK experience.

I have never gone to the bathroom in the midst of a major artist's concert set. I broke that rule tonight at Mariah's very expensively priced MSG show. So P.O'd!!!

I love her voice (when she actually sings) but Mariah Carey tonight (much like crack) was WACK. Yes! WUH-HAAAACK! So much talent. So little respect for the craft of mounting a performance ready show.

Only 360 degree artists (dancer/singer/visual spectacle) should adopt a lipsync strategy to performance. If you are known for singing, HEY! SING LIVE!!! Watching a respected vocalist lipsync while teetering on 5" heels N tight dresses like a drunk aunt gives drunk aunts everywhere a bad name.

What's worse is SHE CAN ACTUALLY SING. She just declined to do so for most of the 90 minutes she spent on stage with her ill rehearsed dancers! I felt so sorry for them as they worked feverishly to make her look like she was giving a show worth the exorbitant price of admission.

I was so excited to see MC live in concert after all these years and am now resigned simply to listening to her records. Sooo disappointed! And she totally P.O'd me at the end of the show by singing the HECK outta "HERO" & "EmOtions" twittering high notes & all!! Amazing to see & hear. Alas, it was too little, too late.

Her buddy Trey Lorenz, however, sang an amazing "Rock With You" in tribute to MJ while MC changed into yet another tight dress & "quenched her thirst". Showmanship is the DUTY of all performance artists (Heck! ALL ARTISTS in my opinion).

Mariah took our $$$ & gave us a poorly rehearsed show!

Only the WELL REHEARSED King of Pop MJ & Janet get passes 4 "vocal assistance" in concert becuz they gave/give 1000% on every front even on FAT, SICK, & TIRED days. No such pass 4 MC!

Trey Songz, who opened for MC, is officially now the new R. Kelly. Maybe I'm late on this one. Sang the ISH outta all his hits! I gained new respect for Trey Songz tonight. I don't dig all the sex material, but he sang the HECK outta them songs LIVE!

MC, are U listening?

Friday, January 1, 2010

On to the Next One: Jay-Z takes hip-hop into its 5th decade

The year is 2010 and hip-hop has officially entered its fifth decade since its birth in the "boogie-down" Bronx.

And it would be no surprise that it's Brooklyn-bred rapper, Jay-Z, who kicks down the door for the next 10 years.

His latest video for "On the Next One," which features Swizz Beatz, was released on "NBC's New Year's Eve with Carson Daly." It's being touted as the first music video of the decade.

The four-minute black and white video is a mix of artistic expression, including everything from flaming basketballs to skulls dripping with black and white liquid. I'm not going to read into every image displayed in the video and look for a meaning behind it. Regardless of the messages in the video, I think it's dope!

The video also helps to remind us of how much hip-hop has evolved since its first recording "Rapper's Delight" by the Sugar Hill Gang in 1979.

The late Notorious B.I.G. put it best in 1994 on "Juicy" when he said, "You never thought that hip-hop would take it this far."

He was absolutely right.

I don't think anyone expected hip-hop to enter its fifth decade and be a multi-billion dollar industry with hits that top all the charts.

Hip-hop is not a black thing. It's not an American thing. It's an everybody thing. And it's clear that it will be here forever.

Welcome to the fifth decade of hip-hop.

(Below: Videos from the early 80s -- Kurtis Blow "Basketball"; credited as the first rap music video / Whodini "Magic Wand"; credited as the first rap group to shoot a music video / and also check out "The Message" by Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five)