Saturday, November 28, 2009

Rihanna: Go back to the drawing board!

Maybe having Rihanna autograph her new CD for you would make this album enjoyable? NOT!

She could kiss the CD case with red lipstick. She could sleep with it under her pillow.

No matter what she does to it the result would still be the same -- it's bad!!

Hundreds of crazed Ri-Ri fans waited for hours and hours for the superstar singer, who crossed into "official diva status" when she showed up THREE hours late for her CD signing in NYC.

Rihanna was scheduled to sign copies of Rated R at 5 p.m. at Best Buy in Union Square and didn't show up until after 8 p.m. (The day of her album release)

Some impatient and aggravated fans chanted, "Where is Rihanna?"

The store also played her album on repeat, which further added torture to the experience. I would have left, if I didn't have to be there for work.

After hearing the album several times, I was thoroughly disappointed.

The album is awfully dreary, dark and depressing. Did I mention dreadful?

The ONLY bright spot is "Hard" featuring Young Jeezy. It's the closest thing to party-starter that you will find. It probably should have been released as the first single instead of "Russian Roulette."

In past Rihanna albums, she has given us party songs that become club anthems. You won't find any of that on this album.

Yes, she has been through a lot. But Rihanna is not Mary J. Blige.

Songs like "Cold Case Love," "Stupid in Love" and "The Last Song" are emotional and love-based. However, it's the slow tracks that really drag the much anticipated album straight into the ground.  

C'mon son, mix it up a little bit!!!  

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