Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hubba, Hubba: Goo-goo for Gaga and Beyonce in new video

Hubba, Hubba!!

Lady Gaga said it in the video for Beyonce's "Video Phone" and I'd have to borrow the corny saying to express myself after watching that visual candy bar! It just got better with every bite!

You take two of the biggest names in pop music and put them in a sexy video and you get magic. It's pretty simple. Anyone who thinks otherwise needs to adjust their video phone! Seriously!

It's hard to go wrong when you have these two colossal divas collaborating on an already popular Beyonce track.

"Video Phone" has been a favorite for many Beyonce fans since the song was released on the "I Am...Sasha Fierce" album, just over a year ago. But the song received a minor twist with Lady Gaga getting in on the action.

My only criticism is that I really I didn't think Gaga's part did any favors for the track. I think her vocals were about as neccessary as the guns in the video. We just didn't need either. But the "Paparazzi" singer could have still been in the video!! Without Gaga the video would have seemed pointless because the song is terribly old.

Nonetheless, Beyonce certainly didn't disappoint in the five-minute video, complete with signature booty toots and high-powered ponytail whip-action. The Hype Williams directed masterpiece is additionally complimented by "Sasha Fierce" leaving little to the imagination going through more than a dozen colorful and visually stimulating outfit changes.

The highlight was the sexy hair-swinging chair dance routine. It wasn't much, but I would have never thought we'd see Gaga dancing side-by-side with Bey. Credit to Gaga for not looking like chopped liver next to Bey. She held her own.

The titillating tandem also joins forces for "Telephone." The track is on Gaga's re-released album, which is being called The Fame Monster. The remix for "Video Phone" will be on Beyonce's re-released album, "I Am...Sasha Fierce 2009 Deluxe Edition." Both re-released albums hit stores next week.

My only hope is that the success of these two songs doesn't lead to a mega-album. It would have to be called, "When Worlds Collide: Diva Meets Weirdo."

Click here to watch "Video Phone" by Beyonce feat. Lady Gaga

Check out "Telephone" by Lady Gaga feat. Beyonce

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Pearl said...

Feenz for once I have to disagree with you-- thought it was a mediocre song at BEST, the video was annoying, gaga looks like so tiny. Perhaps one of the worst Beyonce songs I have ever heard.

The only high points were the first few seconds of the opening scene, and Beyonce as Betty Page.