Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween in NYC: Gobblins, Ghouls and Sheneneh?

Only in New York will you say hello to a man dressed as a part of his anatomy, get verbally berrated by Sheneneh and find yourself between two leather-laced dominatrix.

This is was the scene at this year's Halloween parade in the Village in New York City.

Hands down the most popular costume was anything related to the late Michael Jackson.  Perhaps the replica red Thriller jackets are coming make a comeback.  I certainly hope not.

One of my favorite costumes was hip-hop artist Teyana Taylor dressed as Sheneneh.  She danced and yelled at you with that signature ghetto Sheneneh attitude. The costume was boosted by her excellent portrayal of the wacko neighbor. She remained in character the entire time. Nicely done!

For those who need reminding, Sheneneh was a popular character from television sitcom Martin. She was Martin's neighbor, who often got into arguments with Pam. Sheneneh was actually played by Martin Lawrence.

Another clever costume was "Balloon Boy." A man trapped inside a big balloon with a sign that read, "We did it for the show."  Too bad he spelled "balloon" wrong on his costume.  

Among other costumes to receive notable mention include good/bad Chris Brown (one costume showing Brown doing community service and other portraying him as a "wife beater").

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