Thursday, September 24, 2009

Oprah goes to Marcy, interviews Jay-Z

Oprah has "street cred."

At least, that's what her best friend, Gayle King, told her recently.

The reason? Because Oprah walked with Jay-Z through Brooklyn's Marcy Projects, where the rapper grew up.

Catch Oprah's interview with the Jigga man at 4 p.m. today.

You know the show re-runs later on tonight in case you miss it.

Let's just hope Lil' Mama doesn't crash the show. (Sorry, it was too easy! lol)

To make sure the ratings don't drop too much, O is also having Barbara Streisand on the same show. LOL :-)

1 comment:

Roni said...

It may be a higher rated show because she'll have more black people that don't usually watch and probably more gays. I mean come on Oprah is O cause she knows how to work it LOL