Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Remembering 'Baby Girl' aka Aaliyah

Before the death of Michael Jackson, it was the news of Aaliyah's death in a small plane crash that shocked music fans of my generation.

For me, I can remember leaving a family outing in Staten Island. We watched the Staten Island Yankees play a game and saw some family that we hadn't seen in awhile.

Meanwhile, at my house there were clothes and bags all over the place because I was getting ready to begin college. All freshmen had to be down at school on Aug. 26, 2001.

But it was the car ride on Aug. 25, 2001 from Staten Island to my New Jersey home that I will never forget.

Word came across the radio that R&B singer Aaliyah died. I remember my cousin calling me and asking me if I heard the news. We couldn't believe it. Aaliyah was 22 and had only released three albums (her third self-titled album had just come out a month prior).

Of course, we hoped that it was a bad rumor. But then we realized it had to be true because all the New York radio stations were playing her music that night. It was surreal. And I still had to finish packing for college! I made sure I grabbed a Word Up! magazine with an interview with Aaliyah inside that had I had recently bought. How crazy!?

When I got to school in Delaware it was all people were talking about. "Can you believe Aaliyah died?" Almost everyone had the same response, "I heard about it while I was packing last night."

Once I got settled in my room and my stereo was plugged up with my sheets on my twin-sized bed, I took the Word Up! magazine and taped the pinup of Aaliyah on my wall.

R.I.P. to 'Baby Girl.' Gone, but never forgotten.


What was my favorite Aaliyah song? Easily it was "One in a Million."

I call that song the official lunch room table banger because I remember being in junior high school and my classmates were always trying to make the beat on the lunch tables or lockers. Or whatever was around! It was a hot track, written by her pals Missy and Timbaland, who also produced the single.

Listen to track below. I'm sure it will bring back memories:

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