Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Message to Omarion: Stay in your lane!!

Omarion, the former B2K singer turned solo singer for the girlies, has hit rock bottom with his latest single, "I Get It In."

But what's more important is that the track, featuring rapper Lil' Wayne, is a prime example of WHY Omarion was not a good fit for Young Money Entertainment.

Young Money -- Lil' Wayne's label -- recently announced that Omarion joined the group and then shortly after word spread that he was dropped. Omarion has since said that he decided to part ways. Whatever the case, "I Get It In" is a disaster.

Omarion failed miserably at trying to sing (I think) in the lazy Lil' Wayne-like voice. The track could have have actually been hot if Omarion wasn't on it.

Omarion found his calling since B2K disbanded and made tracks like, "Touch" and "Ice Box." They were pretty big hits for the singer/dancer. Why join Young Money and try to drastically change your swag? Stay in your lane and everything will be fine. You can evolve as you get older without changing why people like you and your music. Usher and Bow Wow have been able to do it. Omarion, you should be able to do the same.

I'm glad this relationship between Omarion and Young Money was scratched. It saved R&B/hip-hop fans from listening to some truly awful music. Good job to whoever pulled the plug.

If you haven't heard "I Get It In," check it out below:

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