Saturday, August 29, 2009

Happy B'Day MJ: More than a Mic

I loved Michael Jackson. 

Everything stopped when his videos came on.  From the scary but cool 'Thriller' to the star-studded 'Remember the Time' to 'Scream' featuring his sister Janet Jackson. The videos were always the talk of the bus ride to school. I was mesmerized by his slick and innovative dance moves.  

I practiced a lot of them and for a moment, I thought I was Michael Jackson. I could moonwalk and do some of the spins and leg kicks.  But I could never get that lean move from the 'Smooth Criminal' video. I think I fell on my face a few times. LOL.  

I also had the Michael Jackson doll. I played the Moonwalker video game for SEGA. 

But my favorite piece of MJ paraphernalia was his magical microphone.

As a kid, I carried it everywhere I went.  I sang the songs from the 'Bad' album the most. My brother loved 'Man in the Mirror.'

I think the microphone gave me super powers.  It gave me the confidence that every little kid should have.  I was going to be Michael Jackson!!  Or so I thought!! 

My uncle even videotaped a lot of my performances.  Hopefully those tapes remain boxed up.  ;-)

Well, the singing thing didn't work out.  But I'm happy that I've found that collectible microphone that gave me so much joy as a kid.

I'll probably pick it up today since it is Michael Jackson's birthday.  And maybe I'll even use it tomorrow -- to sing Happy Birthday to my mom. 

But for now: happy birthday to the King of Pop.  

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Inside Melanie's head said...

um that mic reminds me of something x-rated LOL