Monday, August 3, 2009

Famed YouTube spoofer becomes "Drake"

You remember this guy from his Barack Obama spoofs during the election/inauguration season.

Now, he's back, this time spoofing emerging hip-hop/rap star, Drake.

Iman Crosson became a viral celebrity when he did Beyonce's "Single Ladies" dance routine as "Barack Obama." The three-minute YouTube clip has surpassed 11 million views since the video was posted in January.

His latest target is the popular Canadian rapper, who has also been the subject of many jokes since videos were released where he appeared to be reading "freestyles" off of his BlackBerry.

Crosson's transformation into Drake didn't take much. He put on some thick stick-on eyebrows and moved his hand erratically while he performed his spoof of "Best I Ever Had."

In one portion of the video, he falls out of a wheelchair, poking fun at Drake who previously starred on TV show, Degrassi. In the show, he played a basketball player who got shot and was restricted to a wheelchair.

He joked about how bad the Kanye West produced video for "Best I Ever Had" was saying things like: "When my video dropped ladies watched it and called me sexist, and the fellas would watch it too, but only watch it for the breastssss."

The video is clever and pretty funny. Someone needs to get this guy a variety or sketch comedy show. It could be as big as the hilarious sketch show, In Living Color. Or maybe Saturday Night Live could use him?

His "Drake" spoof, released yesterday, already has 44,000 views and will certainly be another big hit for the YouTube superstar.

What's next for Crosson? Well, he's taking requests on Twitter. Maybe you can decide.

Check him out @alphacat1

Here is his Drake spoof:

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