Thursday, July 2, 2009

NEW VIDEO: Michael Jackson's last rehearsal

This will probably soon become the most watch clip in YouTube history.

It's the last concert rehearsal Michael Jackson had before his death.

Obviously, Jackson is 50-years-old and can't move like he once did. But I was still impressed that at his age he was doing pretty well on this performance of "They Don't Care About Us" on June 23 inside the Staples Center in LA.

Jackson did look frail, and I'm sure he was still capable of delivering on this tour. However, I'm not so sure about 50 dates? I think that was a very admirable move, but it was also borderline crazy and just downright stupid. I'm certainly not convinced that he would have gotten through the first 20 shows without having to postpone dates.

Look forward to seeing when this complete rehearsal is released. You know someone is trying to make some money.

I'm surprised this was released so soon. Thank you, CNN.


HERE ARE THE DANCERS WHO MADE THE CUT (This is sad because their dreams were coming true):

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N3v3r|@nd_by_D@|yndr!@ said...

I love the KING_OF_POP!Always have,too!Even though he is gone, phsicall,
he is in my &/or with me SPIRTCIALY!
GOD bless Mihael Jackson becaause without him...there would not be any great performer,(like~usher,chis brown,and more)...
Michael was a LEGAND/HERO/& TALANTED MAN who will NEVER be forgotten!This video tells the facts...this song tells a story of his lifr...(like most of his songs)

Love Ypu_&_God Bless You!...