Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Happy 25th to 'Purple Rain'

Twenty-five years ago one of my favorite movies of all-time hit the big screen and the main character was played by one of the biggest names in music -- Prince.

Purple Rain, originally released in theaters across the country on July 27, 1984, was a story about the struggles of a young musician -- 'The Kid' -- who was trying to find his way. He came from an abusive home where his mom was constantly beaten by his father, had a rocky relationship with his own girlfriend [Apollonia] and faced fierce competition from another music act [Morris Day and the Time]. The storyline had many components, which helped keep the movie interesting as well as entertaining.

Prince, who played 'The Kid,' gave the role his all and delivered the emotion that was needed for the part.

One of the best parts was when he discovered his father, also a musician, had written his own music. It was a surprise to 'The Kid' because his father always insisted he didn't write his music. The discovery came after 'The Kid' went on a rampage and nearly tore the basement upside down.

Aside from his noteworthy acting abilities, Prince made the soundtrack a smash success with his performances of many of the songs throughout the movie. 'Darling Nikki' was among my favorite songs that he performed. And of course, he rocked the club with 'Let's Go Crazy' and put his heart on the table with the title track, 'Purple Rain.'

Since the movie was released, a lot of music megastars have tried to cross over on to the big screen, but few have been able to execute. (i.e. Michael Jackson in Moonwalker, Madonna in Desperately Seeking Susan, etc.)

There was just something magical about watching Purple Rain. It was more than a movie with some high-energy and emotional musical performances, it was an experience.

I hadn't even seen my first birthday when the movie came out, but as a kid I watched it many times on VHS or on cable. Prince was already one of my favorite singers and this movie was one of the reasons why.

If you don't have the DVD, go out and buy it. And while you're out there, get the soundtrack, too!


Here is a clip from the movie:

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Jason said...

I love the scene where he tells Apollonia to purify herself in Lake in Minnetonka but after she jumps in and gets out hes like "that aint Lake Minnetonka" lol