Monday, June 8, 2009

VIDEO: Jay-Z shuts down Summer Jam with "D.O.A."


Note: All photos and videos are courtesy of M. Feenz.

I predicted on that Jay-Z would be the biggest surprise of the night at Hot 97's Summer Jam concert and I was right.

It was pretty obvious with the way Hot 97 had suddenly premiered Jay-Z's newest single, "Death of Auto-Tune (D.O.A.)," just days before the show.

It was Young Jeezy who can get the credit for setting the stage Jay-Z.  He was performing "Put On" and suddenly it was time for Jay-Z's verse on the remix.  All of the nearly 50,000 people in attendance paused suddenly and then it was the moment everyone had been hoping to see -- Jay-Z stepped on stage to the loudest ovation of the night.

Standing there I could certainly feel the stadium shake as the crowd roared at the appearance of the greatest rapper in the game. [Yeah, I said it!]

After performing with Jeezy, it was time to gave the Summer Jam crowd his new single, which mostly everyone already knew in just a short period of time.  Jay-Z went into "D.O.A." as only the Jigga man could. The crowd was on his every word and in a classic Summer Jam moment, T-Pain [a.k.a. King Auto-Tune] came out on stage and stood next Jay-Z during the performance. They embraced briefly and T-Pain left the stage after quickly dancing around the stage.

The Jay-Z moment may not have been the closing of the show, but it was certainly the biggest performance of the night.  

Jay is back.  Get ready for The Blueprint 3, coming in September.

Check out the videos below courtesy of M. Feenz.  It was a moment that had to captured on camera.  Jay performing "D.O.A." and his verse on the "Put On" remix.

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