Saturday, June 27, 2009

Top 5 reasons why Chris Brown should do Michael Jackson tribute

It's no secret to anyone that I think Chris Brown should be allowed to perform at the BET Awards in a tribute to Michael Jackson.

And special shout out to blogger Necole Bitchie for including my Tweet about wanting to see Chris Brown in the MJ tribute in her latest blog.

Say what you want about C-Breezy, but he's a talented singer, dancer and overall entertainer.

His name will be forever tarnished and hitting a female should not be tolerated under any circumstances. But he'll learn from his mistakes and he'll pay for what he did thanks to the judges order of five years probation and 180 days of community service.

With that being said, let's give this kid a chance to shine in a tribute to the late Michael Jackson.

Here's the top 5 reasons why:

5. Chris Brown bears strong similarities to the King of Pop in his innovative and electric dance moves and in his boyish singing style. It's probably what led him to performing "Thriller" at the World Music Awards in 2006. (see below)

4. Chris Brown has already joined unlikely artists -- The Game and Diddy -- to record a Michael Jackson tribute called, "Better on the Other Side." Not sure that I'd want to hear this at the BET Awards in a tribute because I think they should stick to MJ songs. However, I wouldn't be opposed to closing out the tribute with this, I guess. (?) Check out a clip of the song here.

3. Chris Brown would be the best candidate to perform"Billie Jean" to get the crowd hype as the BET Awards kicks off. It would be great if he performed it similar to the Motown 25 special where Michael debuted the Moonwalk. It would certainly be something EVERYONE would be talking about the next day.

2. Without question Chris Brown is the perfect choice. Hands down. He's better than selecting the 30-year-old Usher, who is the middle of a divorce and hasn't been too popular since his Confessions album. Ne-Yo could get away with performing a song like "P.Y.T." and that's about it. And The-Dream can't sing or dance. Justin Timberlake is a safe choice, but if you want someone who is going to put on a show you have to go with the 20-year-old from VA.

1. Michael Jackson once praised Chris Brown [along with Justin Timberlake] in a televised interview as being an artist from the new generation that he was impressed by. Chris Brown leading the MJ tribute would only be right...why? Because MJ would have wanted that.

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