Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Beyonce flys high; Hubby Jay-Z makes good surprise

A freakum dress? Check.

Several giant wind machines? Check.

A rapping husband? Check.

A laundry list of hit songs? Of course!

And Beyonce's bag of tricks didn't stop there.

She even soared above the crowd and showed off her acrobatic skills. All it took was a few strings to hoist the Houston-bred diva hundreds of feet in the air as she "walked" and somersaulted over her adoring fans. And just like that, the concert had turned into the UniverSoul circus!! Before she was done most of the crowd had at least one good picture to show their friends the next day.

But aside from the acrobatics, the biggest stunt of the night came in the first few minutes when she was joined by rapper and hubby, Jay-Z.

The crowd at Madison Square Garden went absolutely nuts when Jay came out during "Crazy in Love." However, rather than doing his verse on that track, Jay performed "I Just Wanna Love You [Give to Me]." And like a cloud of smoke, the Jigga man was gone. It was the second consecutive night the "I Am..." tour was at MSG and Jay was the surprise for both shows. Thankfully for the thousands of Beyonce fans in attendance, he held back from performing his new song "D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune)."

It was clear this night was all about Beyonce, but she wasn't afraid to share it with many of her fans.

Before performing "Single Ladies," a video montage played on the big screen showing numerous variations of the now infamous dance routine. When she finally performed "Single Ladies" every girl [and some guys] went right into "video mode." They all did their best to nail every dance move from the video. Some decided to leave their seats and line up in the aisle so they had enough room. I hadn't seen that many people doing one dance in a large venue since the "Macarena Night" at Shea Stadium. LOL.

Other fan favorite hits that she performed included "Diva," "Get Me Bodied," "Me, Myself and I," "Check Up On It" and "Upgrade U."

Some noteworthy moments: "Radio" featuring a video clip of Beyonce at 5-years-old, "Ego" with the Kanye West verse [but no Kanye] and "Video Phone" with help from some male dancers. Beyonce also did some "head-bangin'" as she covered Alanis Morissette's "You Oughta Know" during her performance of "If I Were a Boy." Personally, I didn't like the cover and I don't see how it fit into "If I Were a Boy?"

The usually uptempo singer wasn't afraid to slow it down on this tour on a number of occasions. She performed songs like "Smash Into You," "Broken-Hearted Girl," "Hello," "Ave Maria" in a white wedding dress [likely by Dereon], "At Last" as pictures of Barack Obama appeared on the big screen and the final song of the night, "Halo."

Beyonce also took fans on a ride down memory lane performing to various popular Destiny's Child tracks -- "Say My Name" and "Bootylicious," just to name a few.

For fans in the New York/New Jersey area, Beyonce will be back on July 24 at the IZOD Center in East Rutherford, N.J. It's a concert that's well-worth the price of admission if you've never been to one of her shows before. Beyonce will not let you down. But if you are going with hopes of seeing the Jigga man, you should be expect to be let down. I think Jay's cameos are special to New York, sorry.

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