Tuesday, May 5, 2009

SHOCKER: Lil' Kim kicked off Dancing With the Stars

Bye, bye to the "bionic booty" as the judges often referred to her.

Tonight, rapper Lil' Kim was sent packing on Dancing With the Stars, just a week shy of the semifinal round.  The news was received with boos that could be heard in the live studio audience as well as around the country on Facebook and Twitter.

"CLEARLY, you know im pissed, that bull riding cowboy can't put one foot in front of the other and he made it to the semi-finals," Sterling Staton wrote on Facebook tonight.

Keyonna Summers shared her displeasure.

"What???? It's a conspiracy," she wrote on Facebook. "The country dude with the cowboy hat should've been gone."

While Lil' Kim may not have been early favorite to go all the way, her weekly performances continuously wowed the judges and surprised America.

Personally, I was surprised to see her doing so well.  She made it to week 9!  I don't think anyone would have expected that!

If anyone should have been sent home, it should have been that stiff Cowboy Ty Murray. It's clear "America" got this one wrong. The 9-time rodeo champ should have definitely gotten the cowboy boot.

Tonight's elimination was probably one of the biggest upsets since Tamyra Gray was booted off American Idol in the first season.

Nonetheless, the Queen Bee should have nothing to be ashamed of. She was absolutely amazing.

Even though I have to question why the judges were constantly referring to her "bionic booty."  It seemed like they were doing it to make her less of a competitor. Yes, Lil' Kim has a reputation for being raunchy, but this time around she was about as watered-down as a cup of soda from Yankee Stadium.

As she gave her farewell she made reference to an important point that she brought a new audience to Dancing with the Stars saying that people who never watched the show before were watching it because she was on it.  True indeed! I could give you a whole laundry list a names.

Regarding the rest of the show -- I, like many others, will NOT be watching. After all, there aren't even any stars left. The rest the remaining four competitors are relative nobodies.

The season ends here for me and I'm sure I'm not alone.

Check out her last performance that ultimately led to her departure:

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