Saturday, April 25, 2009

Twitter: A place for the narcissistic and voyeuristic

I've finally come to the realization that Twitter is really for narcissistic people.

Twitter is the place to go so you can tell everyone -- including strangers -- what you're doing every hour of the day.   When you get your haircut. When you get your car washed. When you go to the bathroom, etc.  

It's at that point where I draw the line.

I mean, only someone who is truly narcissistic can think that everyone else cares what the hell they are doing every day and all day. The celebs are the biggest culprits of this. 

But the sad part I guess is that people really do care.  It also clearly shows that people extremely voyeuristic.  

Over one million people follow Ashton Kutcher, who really isn't saying much that anyone cares about. He was the first person on Twitter to reach the one million mark. Uh oh, time to pop champagne. LOL.

Speaking of "popping champagne," Rapper Jim Jones tweeted while being arrested in Teaneck, N.J. He was stopped for driving without a front license plate. As it turned out, he had an outstanding warrant out of Paterson, N.J. for some unpaid ticket (something dumb that should have been taken care of...but we're all human).  Jones tweeted while being taken to police headquarters and throughout the entire arrest process. He even tweeted during a My9/FOX TV interview!!  Talk about being addicted!

Click here to read the story: Jim Jones arrested and Tweeting
TV interview with Jones discussing Twitter:  Watch the video

And just today, former boxing champion Kendall Holt, who admitted to "jacking" Jim Jones, tweeted outside Superior Court in Paterson, N.J.  Holt pleaded guilty to charges of money laundering and tweeted throughout his court proceedings. He's pictured above tweeting outside the courthouse.  smh.

Holt outside the courthouse: Watch the video here

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