Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Jim Jones arrested in Jersey: TWEETIN! [not BALLIN'!]

Rappers get arrested all the time. Especially in New Jersey [specifically Bergen County].

I could give you a laundry list of rappers who have been arrested in Bergen County. Notorious B.I.G., Lil' Kim, Lil' Cease, Foxy Brown, DMX, etc. Even the R&B bad boys from Jodeci -- K-Ci and Devante Swing -- have been picked up by police in Teaneck.

However, this time it was Harlem's own Jim Jones who was scooped up by the Teaneck police.

What makes this arrest even more interesting [or funny] is that he was using Twitter and updating the public by the minute about his arrest!!

If you don't know what Twitter is at this point, you've probably been under a rock.

Check out the story I wrote about Jones getting arrested and tweeting as he was processed: CLICK HERE to read my story. (Of course I broke this story this morning....all these hip-hop sites swagger-jacked my story, many without proper attribution or linking to the original source. Shame on them.)

Also, I have to note that apparently Jones has read the story.

Since hearing of the article he's updated his Twitter page to say the following:

Once again I twitted whn I got pulld over on mon and now its all over th news and news papers in nj sheeesh can't do nothin right lol ove it from TwitterBerry

Do to my twitterin in the craziest places I'm havin the pleasure of doin an interview with channel 9 my 9 iand I heard it wil be on fox also from TwitterBerry

Whts ghetto: havin jim jones on channel 9 news and fox for twitterin in the wrong places lol from TwitterBerry

RT @jenessmusic Jim on my 9 news about using twitter while being arrested http://twitpic.com/2z7lp from mobile web

This is big 4 me and twitter shouts to channel 9 news and fox net work jones splash lol from TwitterBerry

Side note:

I guess the new catch-phrase for 2009 will be "TWEETIN'!!" [instead of "BALLIN'!!!"]. Okay, maybe not.

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