Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hot 97 Summer Jam Lineup announced and I'm not impressed

Hot 97's Summer Jam is like the Super Bowl of all hip-hop concerts.

It's an annual concert at Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J. featuring all the biggest names in hip-hop. This year the slogan is, "Hot 97 is saving the world from wack concerts." What is that supposed to mean? I hope that isn't a shot at rival radio station Power 105? The "other" New York hip-hop radio station has been putting on some pretty decent on R&B concerts lately at BB Kings. Could they be referring to those shows?

Nonetheless, today was the big announcement day. Angie Martinez and the rest of the Hot 97 personalities announced a pretty "okay" lineup for June 7 show.

Without dragging it out like they did on the radio today, the artists are:

Mary J. Blige

The Dream

Jim Jones and Juelz Santana

Young Jeezy

T-Pain (and friends)


Also scheduled are reggae artists: Elephant Man, Serani and Movado

The Hot 97 Web site also says Pleasure P is on the lineup, even though I don't recall him being announced on the radio today.

In addition, Summer Jam will be hosted by comedian Tracey Morgan


My only real problem with the show is Mary J. Blige, believe it or not.

While I think it's pretty big they got Mary J. Blige on the show, does she really have anything new out?? Not that I know of. I guess we'll have to sit through her classic hits and she does have a lot. I guess it will be kinda hot to have Mary at Summer Jam, but we could have swapped her with someone who actually has current songs -- maybe Keyshia Cole? Or even Keri Hilson? Last year, Alicia Keys performed at Summer Jam and she brought out Maino and members of the Wu-Tang Clan. I'm sure Mary will be bringing out some folks as well. Maybe she'll bring out Jay-Z for "Can't Knock the Hustle." [Okay, probably not...but it was a nice thought for a second.]

Of course Hot 97 has to do it big for the reggae artists. So I'm not really mad at that trio of reggae acts. Even though one would have probably been enough, in my opinion. But in Hot 97's defense, these three guys have some of the biggest songs in New York right now: Elephant Man, "Sweep"; Movado, "So Special"; Serani, "No Games." Ok, I'm hyped now! Glad they got all three and not just one. LOL!

And why put this former Pretty Ricky singer on the show? Pleasure P is getting some airplay with his single, "Boyfriend #2," but the song isn't really hot. Let's give him the boot and replace him with R&B singer/beat-maker Ryan Leslie!! R-Les got enough popular songs to fill a 15-20 minute set.

I guess the only other issue is that nothing on this lineup really stands out to me. Jadakiss is without question the biggest artist out in New York right now. So I'm guessing he's the headliner. Last year's concert was headlined by Kanye West and Lil' Wayne. It was a pretty good show.

I think the key to this show is the special guest appearances. I'm sure Ron Browz will "Pop Champagne" with Jim Jones on stage. And they'll probably bring out their fellow Harlem head, Webstar for "Dancing on Me." And who knows maybe Jones will bring out Kid Cudi for "Day and Night."

T-Pain will hopefully "Blame It On the Alcohol" with Young Joc and Jamie Foxx, who in my opinion should have a spot on the show. And since the show is in the tri-state area, Maino should be around to come out for "All of the Above."

And although the lineup was announced today, I wouldn't be surprised if Hot 97 starts adding more names to pump up the ticket sales.

What do you think about the lineup?? Who you add to hip-hop's biggest night? Who would you take off??


Justin said...

The line up is okay. I agree with what you said about Mary J. Blige. She hasn't come out with anything at all. I don't understand why she's going to be there at all. I'm glad they have all the three top reggae artists this year. Overall, the line up isn't horrible, but Mary J. Blige has to go (no disrespect to her).

Miss Nequa said...

This lineup reminds me of a Del State homecoming. I agree with you Feenz...Hot 97 neds to step their game up ASAP!

M Feenz said...

nequa, i thought THE SAME thing...definitely comparable to a del state homecoming!! except DSU probably wouldn't have been able to afford Mary J. Blige...the rest of the lineup could have definitely been at del state.

Mystifiedlady said...

Growing up in NJ I think the problem with Summer Jam is that it has gotten too big and doesn't sell out. I remember getting a tip on when the bomb would drop and sitting at a computer in the public library just so I could score 2 tickets for me and my best friend. Summer Jam used to sell out in like 15 minutes. The venue used to be Continental Arena.

Some of these artists just don't do well in large venues. Mary J. Blige being one of them. I wish they would go back to it being at a smaller venue so you really felt the exclusivity of the event.

Now I just roll my eyes and think to myself I ain't trying to be around all them hood rat teenagers.

I really think they put Mary on the lineup to try to spark an interest in the older Hot 97 fans (that would be us now) who grew up on/with Mary J. Blige.

M Feenz said...

tiff, I remember those days. It was so crazy I would have never even tried to go to Summer Jam. Tickets were always sold out. I guess the dynamics have changes, not to mention the star quality has dropped off.

Last year was my first year going and I was terribly disappointed. But there were plenty of surprises. Nothing earth-shattering though. Not much that had you talking about it at school the next day. You know?

My seat was OK -- although I didn't pay for it.

Everywhere I turned someone was "rolling up" and/or "lighting up."

It was a big mess. I'm just glad there were no big incidents and crowd was rather orderly.

I think Mary J. Blige was put on the tour as a "big name." I'm guessing Keyshia Cole and Keri Hilson have other obligations. I think they are on their tour.

Otherwise, I'm sure we would have seen them as opposed to MJB, who by the way lives in Bergen County.