Friday, April 24, 2009

Good riddance to Danity Kane

Well, it's official. Danity Kane is no more and they won't be getting back together. And to that, I say, "Good riddance!"

They managed to somehow go platinum on each of their albums, which I guess is pretty good in the age of iTunes, Limewire and bootlegs.

The chicks from the P. Diddy singing contest/reality show gave us some big hits. I would say their biggest was "Damaged" from the last album.

D-Woods, Dawn, Aundrea, Aubrey and Shannon never really seemed like the best collective group. Their image was sassy and they rode on the fence of hip-hop wannabes/pop primadonnas.

D-Woods and Aubrey, pictured left to right, at Spotlight in NYC last year. (Photo: M. Feenz)

Aubrey seemed to be the loose cannon of the group. She's already performed in Hairspray on Broadway.

The subject came up during last night's finale and Dawn claimed everyone in the group supported Aubrey during her stint on Broadway.

However, Aubrey quickly snapped back at Dawn saying that D-Woods was the only one who ever came to see her in the show.

Dawn defended herself and the other members saying they were busy doing shows for the fans who bought tickets to see Danity Kane. You could tell things were a little tense on this MTV Making the Band finale, which was broadcast live in New York.

It's worth noting Aundrea was not there. But the rest of the Danity Kane members were there, often jocking to get their voices heard. They were constantly talking over each other and it seemed like the host, Sway, would never get anywhere with the questions that he was asking.

Perhaps the dumbest moment of the night was courtesy of D-Woods.

Sway asked the girls if they would ever get back together again. The answers were mixed. But D-Woods danced around the question like she was Diddy in the background of a music video.

D-Woods at Spotlight in NYC last year. (Photo: M. Feenz)

D-Woods must have rambled on and on for about a good 5 minutes or so before Sway said something like, "Sooo your answer is no?" You could tell he was a little irritated that she wouldn't just answer the damn question!

D-Woods claims she working on a solo project that will be released this summer.

Dawn is apparently still working with Diddy and also trying to do her solo thing.

Aubrey is going to continue with Broadway and have her own reality show. She seemed extra hype to be out of Diddy's contract. Can't say I blame from the stories I've heard.

Shannon plugged some Web site and hinted that she may do country music. Sounds like the best plan of them all. She'll probably end up with the most money. Country still sells.

To Danity Kane -- good riddance to the group, and the best of luck as individuals pursuing a dream. I think they are each very talented, but that group was a puppet show featuring Diddy as puppet master. Glad the strings are finally off.

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