Friday, April 24, 2009

Day26: "Perfectly Awful"

I'm not hating on Day26. I'm really not.

I just keep it real and after watching that Making the Band finale last night, I came to the conclusion that like their female counterparts -- their time is UP!!

On the live finale, they performed their song, "Perfectly Blind," from their new album, Forever and a Day. Needless to say, the performance was less than perfect. In fact, it was down right AWFUL.

The harmonies were all over the place. The falsettos were off. It just sounded bad.

The only part that sounded good was when Mike came in. Other than that, it was horrible.

They came back to close the show with to perform "Stadium Music." This time they could blame it on some technical difficulties. It seemed like the microphones were cutting out or something. Not to mention, the choreography was cheesey and they looked silly.

Ummmm...I think that's about it.

I was already not impressed by the album, which was just released last week. And now we have to add this horrible TV performance to the list.

NOTE: Day26, you too can be replaced. Maybe they could go into sharing sex advice on a radio show. In this video below, they came a little TOO clean sharing a little TOO much information.

The biggest news to come out of the live Making the Band finale was that Diddy is going to be hosting a search for a new girl group. Diddy proclaimed there will never be another Danity Kane unless it's with those same girls. Aww...that's nice...but in the same breath said he's searching for a new girl group. Sooooooo...basically you are going to grab five more chicks and name them something else...but in the end, they will be like Danity Kane Part 2. Nice one, Diddy. Real nice. :-/

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