Sunday, April 19, 2009

Day26: Let's go back to the drawing board

I did something I didn't do before. I went to the store and picked up a Day26 album.

When their debut album was released last year I didn't run to the store to buy it. In fact, I never even had a thought about buying it. But after hearing several tracks, I decided to download the self-titled album off iTunes. And I must say, I was pleasantly surprised with THAT album. I couldn't believe it. "I'm the Reason" is still one of my favorite joints.

Let's fast forward to the latest album, Forever and a Day, which was released last week.

For starters, I went out to Best Buy and actually bought the album on the first day it came out because I was hopeful they would produce a solid album like the last time around.

However, that was NOT the case.

Listening to Forever and a Day feels like riding on one of those wooden rollercoasters at your favorite amusement park. It has it's high spots and fun moments, but it's the uncomfortable feeling, constant jerking and uneasy sounds that make the whole experience awful and just leaves you wanting something better!! I felt like running to put on any 112 CD to remind me what this type of music is supposed to sound like.

I'm still trying to figure out why anyone would want to sing about their love being like "Stadium Music." What the hell is that supposed to mean!? Imagine going up to someone and saying, "Yo baby, bet you didn't know that my love is like stadium music." LOL. I like the production on "Stadium Music." The beat is hot, but the words?? C'mon, I think Soulja Boy could have done better.

Other moments that had me scratching my head included Diddy's weak rap on "Imma Put It on Her," the song about a chick who is "Bipolar" and the worst of them all, the track about the girl in high heels. When I reached track 14 "Your Heels" is when I knew this album was officially out of my league. Maybe this album is catered to young girls under 16-years-old. I think even 22-year-old R&B singer Mario has better content than this. "Your heels look so good on you," the Bad Boy group repeats on the chorus. Who is writing this stuff? I don't even have the energy to look inside the CD case. I just won't.

Speaking of writing songs, "love birds" Que [of Day 26] and Dawn [formerly of Danity Kane] wrote the slow jam "Perfectly Blind," which I admit, I really want to like.

The song has a smooth feeling, thanks to the beat, but it's really hard to make out what the hell anyone is saying because everyone is singing in this falsetto-like voice. It's not until Mike and Robert come in that the song gets a little better. It really shouldn't even be a song. It's more like an extra long interlude. I thought this was a decent attempt to create one of those 112 tracks. Good, but not quite!!

Even the track with T-Pain, "Shawty Wats Up," gets the big 'ole skip button. Clearly, they thought by slapping T-Pain on the track they would have a microwave hit. Sorry, not even close.

Okay, so what are the bright spots?

Well, I happen to like the Jermaine Dupri party-track, "Need That." I like to party and this beat has a little Baltimore club music-like sound. It's a pretty commercial and radio-friendly joint. I could see this really going big in the club, especially if you have a bunch of remixes and variations.

Other notable tracks are the Tim & Bob produced "Think of Me" and "Reminds Me of You," and the Bryan-Michael Cox produced "So Good" and "Girlfriend." All four songs are your typical solid R&B tracks. These guys can sang and these songs are good examples of what they are capable of. Too bad the rest of album is, well, trash.
Overall, I'm disappointed with this latest effort from Que, Willie, Mike, Robert and Brian. I'm sure they recorded tons of tracks, but these 15 were just NOT their best, in my opinion. If you wanna hear some good Day26 music, go cop the first album -- not this one. That's my advice!

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Miss Nequa said...

NOOOOOOOO! I refuse to believe it! I have to go listen for myself, this is too sad to believe!