Friday, April 24, 2009

Beyonce on Letterman: Who left the door open!? LOL!

is gearing up for her upcoming tour and her new movie, Obsessed, is released today.

She was on David Letterman on Wednesday night. And of course, she delivered a very graceful and classy performance of "Halo." It was really good. I didn't think such a slow song could be performed with so much energy and life. That girl is good. Damn, good!

Well, I always notice how she has the wind machine or giant fan blowing on her when she performs. I guess to give that extra emotion or feeling. I admit, it does look good for TV. I just wonder how she gets that thing passed airport security? Or maybe the wind machine is actually her hubby Jay-Z blowing air out of his super-sized nostrils. LOL.

David Letterman apparently got a kick out of the wind-blowing performance. At the end he says, "I'm so sorry, I think someone left the door open."


If that wasn't funny enough, he also botched the name of the album. He called it, "I Am...Sarah Fierce." Of course, the album is "I Am.. Sasha Fierce."



Check out this AP interview with Beyonce written by Nekesa Moody.

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