Saturday, April 25, 2009

Beyonce fans: Save your movie money and spend it on the concert

I usually don't like to judge things without witnessing it first.

For example, I usually won't say something is bad just because everyone else has.

I usually won't say a CD is good/bad without listening to it for myself first. The same goes for movies.

However, after corresponding with several people I have no choice but to unofficially declare Beyonce's new movie, Obsessed, a big screen bomb!!

Here is the trailer:

People who saw it last night have told me it should go straight to DVD.  It should be on Lifetime. Or my personal favorite, that the movie should be broken up into parts and put on YouTube.  WOWWW!!  That bad!?

My advice to Beyonce fans and movie-goers: save your movie money and spend it on her upcoming tour.  We all know she is one hell of a performer and does not disappoint -- even if she fell down the stairs that time [lol].  But as an actor Beyonce hasn't been wowing anyone. Maybe she should stay in her lane.

Moving on, I'm not a crazed Beyonce fan or anything, but a couple of my friends wanted me to tag along with them for the June 21 concert at Madison Square Garden in NYC. Fine. I've never seen Beyonce in concert before and I figure she is one of the best performers of my era, might as well go see her if I have the opportunity.

I told them I'd go online and see what it is.  I went on to the Ticketmaster Web site this morning at exactly 10 a.m. EST to buy tickets for the MSG show in NYC.  And would you believe the only tickets available were for $175 each?!?!  Oh helllllll nooo!   I told the two girls -- "guess there won't be any Beyonce this year."  LOL.

I guess the pre-sale and the limited number of seats caused the MSG show to be nearly sold out before the tickets even went on sale to the general public. A tragedy, but oh well. I was over it.

However, some time within the next few hours a SECOND show at the MSG was announced for Monday, June 22.  Tickets were purchased. The girls were happy.

Note: Tickets for her show are NOT cheap.  Even the "cheap seats" are expensive.  So once again, save your movie money and spend it on something Beyonce is actually GOOD at -- performing on a concert stage.  

If you are going to see a movie this weekend, check out Jamie Foxx in The Soloist. I hear that is really good. 




Justin said...

It's funny because I was also asked to tag along to the Beyonce concert at MSG. And those tickets are DEFINITELY expensive. I wanted to go see Beyonce's movie but I guess I'll save the money for the concert instead.

mrSingleton said...

You sure didn't ask me, Mr. Feeney! I loved me that movie! LOVED IT!!!! You are now forcing me to blog on a weekend to combat your negative post about B!! LOL!

mrSingleton said...

oops!!! This is Nekesa!!!! I am under my boyfriend's name! LOL ... but he did like it too ...

M Feenz said...

LOL...Nekesa, I'm going to have to post some comments I've received from facebook to show that people REALLY didn't like that movie...i think you are just sticking up for B because you interviewed her a few times now...on my earlier blog about beyonce on letterman, i plugged your interview. lol

Latiya A said...

It's funny, my mother said that there was actually a movie on Lifetime similar if not the exact same story line on Lifetime that's her twist, not mine's, lol! Anyway, honestly, I just wanted to see Idris Elba b/c that is my chocolate dream supreme (lol) and the previews spoiled it for me back in January when I went to see Notorious. I've come to the realization that Beyonce does better when she plays exactly what she is... a singer!