Saturday, March 14, 2009

Top Model auditions get UGLY!!

Tyra Banks should have left the height requirement exactly where it was for America's Next Top Model.

In the previous seasons of the popular model search show, the height requirement was 5-foot-7-inches and up.

Now, for the 13th season Tyra is searching for girls who are under 5-foot-7-inches. Apparently too many of them came out to audition and the scene of beautiful wannabe runway divas got UGLY!! And quick!!

Earlier today, a casting was held in NYC where hundreds of girls with dreams of being "on top" showed up to strut their stuff for ANTM.

However, the large crowd became uncontrollable and sparked a small stampede.

It's not known what started the melee outside the Park Central New York hotel in Manhattan. Some witnesses heard there may have been someone with a gun, televised reports say.

The chaos caused the auditions to be shut down and many dreams to be crushed. Not to mention, a lot of people lost their high-heeled shoes that were scattered all over the streets and sidewalks.

Television stations tonight reported the incident and showed many model hopefuls crying including one woman who said she had been camped outside since Thursday and came to New York from Virginia just to audition. Wow, really?

Others had a more positive outlook. One woman said she was going to try to go to the next audition in Chicago.

Good luck to her!

Hopefully the lines will be a little more organized and the crowd will act more civilized.

Maybe if the height requirement would have remained the same there wouldn't be all these problems. LOL.

Three people were arrested on disorderly conduct charges in the incident and six people were hurt, police said. Only two went to local hospitals for minor injuries.

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