Saturday, March 14, 2009

Mom? Aunt? Grandma on Facebook? BLAME OPRAH!

Yeah, I said it!!!

Blame Oprah if your mom, auntie and grandmother suddenly start "friend requesting" you on Facebook.

Yesterday, the Queen of TV had Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, 24, on the show. By the way, did you know this kid is a billionaire? All because of an idea he had in college. Wow. See how easy it can be? Have an idea? Just execute it!

Oprah started the segment asking what population is bigger -- Japan or Facebook? The answer: Facebook with 175 million users. WOW! And if there were a "Facebook nation" it would be the sixth largest country in the world!

Not to mention, the fastest growing demographic on the popular social networking Web Site is the 30 and older crowd, Zuckerberg said.

And now thanks to the Facebook appearance on Oprah, that demographic will REALLY sky rocket!!

The viewers of the show were further enticed to join Facebook because they showed off Oprah's Facebook "fan page." (As of 5:30 p.m. EST, Saturday: the total number of fans 269,494)

You know Oprah's show is always giving out something free. I'm surprised she didn't announce: "Everyone is getting a laptop complete with their own personalized Facebook account!! WAHHOOOOOO!!" [you know how Oprah]

Well, be on the look out in your friend requests. The last thing we need is our moms, aunties and granny's on Facebook. For some, it may already be too late!!

My advice [if you get friend request from your mom, etc.]: Leave the friend request pending and tell them you never got it, that's if they ask.

Here is some highlights from the show:

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chon said...

lol @ the oprah giveaway comment! but to see older people on facebook, like those i go to church with & those who are my mother's friends, makes me a little uneasy. i mean, facebook is used as a way to communicate and keep in touch with old friends. granted, we all have old friends we want to kit with...but it seems like the whole 'hip' factor of facebook has been stripped away due to the 30 & over crowd. i got a friend request from a church member last week and this lady is 53-years-old. smh...i mean, really. at what age do you draw the line? also, i don't like everyone being able to know everything about me and every move i make. which is why i don't accept certain people. i mean c'mon; i'm your average 22-year-old in most ways...i love to have a good time and let loose from time to time. imagine how i'd feel if sister so-and-so from church saw me in a pic with a martini in my hand. lol, weirds me out a little. but hey, its a free country...but like you said. if you see someone requesting you and you don't want to be their friend, leave it pending. i'm famous for that! lol...