Saturday, March 7, 2009

Message to young girls: Do NOT follow Rihanna's example

**New Rihanna song -- "Whipping My Hair" at the bottom of this blog entry.

Picture of Rihanna after the alleged beating. (courtesy of TMZ)

They say love makes you do crazy things.

I don't know if Rihanna and Chris Brown were in love, but I'm sure not sure how the Bajan princess could take back the kid from Virginia after this reported pre-Grammy Awards assault last month.

I've tried to ignore this whole siutation after the night it was first reported. At first, I was completely into the whole drama of what happened. However, I think I just became sick of the story after all the various accounts and rumors started spreading. Now, there is really no escaping this whole fiasco.

Who knows if Chris Brown and Rihanna are really "back together" or if this is all a song and dance.

Nonetheless, the part that bothers me is the message that this "kiss kiss and make-up" sends to young females who look up to Rihanna or young girls who are in similar situations with their boyfriends.

Here is a typical scenario: Girl is assaulted by her boyfriend. Girl takes her boyfriend back after some time a part. The first assault was not the last and the relationship turns into an abusive relationship that the girl cannot escape from.

Worse case scenario: The girl is killed at the hands of her abusive boyfriend. Friends and family members are left wondering how this could have happened and wish they would have stepped in sooner.

It's easier said than done, but both scenarios could have had different endings if the girl had done the simple and smart thing and just walked away. I know people are probably yelling at the computer screen and saying, "It's not that easy!!" But bottom line --- it is that easy!

We still don't know all of the circumstances behind this alleged assault on Rihanna. And I'll wait before I judge Chris Brown and slam him for being a disgrace and a horrible role model.

Hopefully young teenage girls in similar situations to Rihanna-Chris Brown decide to make their own decisions and do not follow the lead of the battered singer.

Lastly, I hope this reported assault gives parents the opportunity to talk to their kids about abusive relationships.

It's important people have these conversations so that if and /or when the situation arises the answer is clear.

NOTE: In the midst of all of this drama, Rihanna has released a new song "Whipping My Hair" (check it out below). Ughhhh....after listening to the song a few times, I'm not sure it will take much of the attention off of her problems with C-Breezy. The beat is hot. But the song is pretty lame. The hook kinda gives me the feel of "Breakin' Dishes" (just a little bit).
What do you think about Rihanna and this new track??


Latiya A said...

I agree that young women should not follow her in staying in an abusive relationship. So many young women equate abuse as love,she sure got it right talking about infatuation. The whole story has holes....if a woman accuses a man of cheating he's not going to go off on her like that unless maybe SHE was the one cheating. I believe it's definitely more to this story.....

JPSmooth said...

You can downloading Whipping My Hair from too